Southwest® Baggage Fees

Below is a summary of the fees charged by Southwest Airlines for most domestic flights within the United States. The actual Southwest baggage fees you will pay may vary based on fare class, frequent flier status, and specific route flown. Please consult Southwest’s website to calculate the exact fee you will pay.

Southwest baggage fees
Baggage category Fee Max Weight Max Size (L+W+H)
LugLess carry-on $14-$39 25lbs Calculate
First checked bag $0 50lbs 62"
Second checked bag $0 50lbs 62"
Third(+) checked bag $75 50lbs 62"
LugLess checked bag $20-$45 50lbs Calculate
Overweight surcharge +$75 51-99lb 62"
Oversized surcharge +$75 50lbs 63"-80"
LugLess oversized bag $28-$55 75lbs Calculate

How to avoid Southwest baggage fees

Shipping luggage with LugLess allows you to avoid the hassle of carrying and checking bags for approximately the same cost you would pay to check your luggage on your Southwest flight. Learn more about how it works and how we offer the lowest luggage shipping rates.

Southwest Airlines checked baggage fees

Southwest baggage fees do not apply to the first two bags weighing up to 50lbs and measuring 62″ (L+W+H) or less.

Southwest Airlines excess baggage fees

Checking excess baggage on Southwest Airlines costs $75 per bag for your third or more checked bag.

Southwest Airlines overweight baggage fees

Overweight baggage is considered any bag weighing more than 50lbs. The fees for checking overweight baggage on Southwest are charged in addition to any excess baggage fees. The additional cost to check any item weighing 51-100 pounds is $75. Any item weighing over 100 pounds will not be permitted as checked baggage.

Southwest Airlines oversized baggage fees

Most bags with a sum of length, width, and height of greater than 62 inches will fall into the oversized category. Oversized baggage fees are charged in addition to any excess baggage fee. Any bag measuring a total of 63"-80" will incur an additional fee of $75. Bags measuring over 80" cannot be checked.

Luggage shipping alternative

Instead of paying Southwest's checked baggage fees, you can ship your luggage ahead with LugLess. For as little as $15, LugLess allows you to generate a FedEx or UPS shipping label, which you can use to attach to your bag and send it directly to your destination anywhere in the US.

More information on Southwest baggage fees

The actual fees charged for checked luggage will vary depending on your specific fare class, loyalty status, and other factors. For additional information on Southwest Airlines checked baggage fees, please visit Southwest’s website. Southwest® is a registered trademark of Southwest Airlines Co. This page was last updated on September 26, 2018. Neither LugLess, nor its parent, subsidiaries, and/or affiliates, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information contained herein.