5 Surprising Cities for Amazing Street Photography

street photography

Get ready to light up your Instagram Has your social media been looking a bit on the blah side lately? Here’s something that’ll make your insta-followers click the heart button almost faster than you can upload: street photography. Everything from vibrant murals to gorgeous architecture is fair game! Got your camera packed already? Here are…

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Moving to College? 5 Ways to Save Money Right Away

moving to college

Budget tips for the big move to campus You got your acceptance letter, bought the hoodie, and signed up for some pretty cool classes. Now comes the most exciting part: move-in day. Whether you’re headed to the dorms or setting up an off-campus apartment, moving to college can take a huge chunk out of your…

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How to Avoid Summer Travel Chaos

summer travel

Navigating airports and flights smoothly Summer vacation, with the ocean at your feet and the sun on your shoulders. Sounds amazing, right? And it is… once you actually get there. Unfortunately, getting to your destination can be a challenge during the busy summer travel season. Think endless lines, delayed flights, and missing bags. Not exactly…

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11 Superb Tricks for Planning a Girls’ Weekend on a Budget

girls' weekend

Bestie bonding that won’t break the bank FaceTime, text, and snaps are all good, but let’s be honest: there’s nothing quite like reconnecting with your besties in person. But when finances are tight, spending your limited money on a girls’ weekend might feel frivolous, at best. Luckily, your trip doesn’t have to be a huge…

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9 Essential Items to Bring on Your Next Family Vacation


Don’t leave home without these A family vacation is a great way to make lifelong memories with your kids. But that doesn’t mean it won’t come with some challenges, especially when you’re deciding what to pack. Overpack and you’ll have to pay overweight bag fees. But you also don’t want to leave out anything important……

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