How to Plan a Father’s Day Vacation Your Dad Will Love

Father's Day vacation

Because Dad deserves his day to be amazing! This year, give your dad a gift that goes beyond the usual. Take him on a special Father’s Day vacation, planned just for him, to show your appreciation for all the years of love and support he’s given you. Go ahead: indulge his interests, spend one-on-one time…

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3 Smart Tips for Packing for a Girls’ Trip to the Beach

packing for a girls' trip to the beach

Sun, salt, and sisterhood! Whether you’re lounging in the sun, diving into an aquatic adventure, or simply enjoying shared laughter, a beach trip with your besties is a wonderful way to celebrate friendship. But packing for a girls’ trip to the beach (or anywhere, really!) comes with one major dilemma: pack light or pack everything?!…

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3 Smart Tips for Packing for a Spring Break Vacation to the Keys

Sunshine and salty breezes? Yes! Warm sun on your face, saltwater on your skin, Margaritaville playing on repeat… Right when winter starts to feel endless, spring break swoops in to save the day! And one of the best possible places to escape the cold is the famous Southernmost Point in the U.S.—the Keys. But other…

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7 Awesome Snowy Destinations

snowy destinations

The best cities for frosty fun It’s cold, and that leaves you with two choices: stay cozy indoors, with hot cocoa and pajamas, or bundle up and explore exciting snowy destinations. We know what we’d choose, and if you guys like to travel, then you won’t let the low temps hold you back, either! Check…

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7 Secret Strategies for Holiday Savings

holiday savings

Because even Santa’s on a budget Fasten your sleigh-belt, because the holidays are approaching fast! And no one knows that better than your dwindling bank account. From your secret cookie ingredients to gifts for the extended fam, the very idea of holiday savings might seem like a Christmas miracle. But wait! Before you reach for…

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