7 Awesome Snowy Destinations

snowy destinations

The best cities for frosty fun It’s cold, and that leaves you with two choices: stay cozy indoors, with hot cocoa and pajamas, or bundle up and explore exciting snowy destinations. We know what we’d choose, and if you guys like to travel, then you won’t let the low temps hold you back, either! Check…

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7 Secret Strategies for Holiday Savings

holiday savings

Because even Santa’s on a budget Fasten your sleigh-belt, because the holidays are approaching fast! And no one knows that better than your dwindling bank account. From your secret cookie ingredients to gifts for the extended fam, the very idea of holiday savings might seem like a Christmas miracle. But wait! Before you reach for…

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LugLess® Introduces Paperless Shipping Labels

New digital labels allow travelers to ship luggage without a printer BOSTON, November 2, 2021 – LugLess, the easiest and cheapest way for travelers to ship their luggage and sports equipment, today announced the launch of its Digital Label™, which allows people to book, send, and track items with just their phone – no printer…

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Get Shipping Labels Without a Printer

digital shipping labels

Bye-bye, printing; hello digital shipping labels! You’re not riding in a horse and buggy. Your beeper isn’t going off. So whyyyy are you still printing? Unless you actually enjoy clearing out multiple paper jams a day, that is. Let’s be real: printers are dinosaurs. Technological T-Rexes. And they’re seriously the last thing you want to…

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