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Whether you need to ship a box to a conference, to or from college, or are moving cross country, LugLess makes it easy, fast and cheap. Just calculate the size of your boxes and ship them right to your destination!



Need boxes?

Gotta have a box to ship a box

Step one: get a box. You'll need a new, sturdy corrugated box in order to use LugLess. If you don't have one, you can pick one up at your local shipping or office supply store. Otherwise, you can order boxes online (we recommend for best selection and fast shipping) and have them shipped right to your door (with packing materials if you need them).

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Get packing

Box shipping success starts with proper packing

We want your things to get there safely just as much as you do, so proper packing is essential. Boxes provide some protection, but to ensure that the contents aren't damaged, you'll want to make sure that you have plenty of soft padding and don't over-stuff the boxes!


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The cheapest way to ship boxes

You don't want to spend top dollar shipping your boxes ahead. You don't want it to be hard either. We understand and we can help!

1. Book

We’ll find the cheapest FedEx or UPS rate and send a shipping label right to your phone.

2. Ship

Bring boxes to a nearby carrier location. They can scan, print, and attach labels. Or, pay for a pickup.

3. Chill

Sit back and relax, your boxes are safely on their way to their final destination.

4. Voilà

Your boxes are delivered to the doorstep, or to a nearby FedEx® or UPS® location for pickup.

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