Business Insider: LugLess ‘More Convenient’

LugLess Could Be The Heavy Packer’s Answer To Outrageous Baggage Fees

This article, originally published in 2012, highlights the pros and cons of using LugLess instead of checking bags on your flight. Business insider notes that “LugLess hopes to give customers a more convenient and less costly means of transporting their extra baggage.”

According to Business Insider, the ‘pros’ of using LugLess include: convenience, guaranteed arrival, benefits for heavy packers and avoiding new carry-on fees imposed by some airlines. On the flip side, planning ahead is required and the price point is “not for the 99% just yet.”


Since this article was published, LugLess has revamped our pricing model and rates now start at just $15! How does that sound, 99 percenters?

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