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Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Golf 101

If you’re going on your first golf trip and feel nervous because you don’t know jack about golf, chillax! All you need is a little golf lingo and a little swag, and no one will know you’re a beginner. Everyone starts somewhere and you don’t need to be a pro to play golf. We got…

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Top 6 Spring Golf Trip Destinations

Planning a golf getaway? Whether you enjoy the challenge of beating your own score, being outside in fresh air, or just need to relieve some stress while hanging with your buds, the great thing about golf is that anyone can literally play the game. And, let’s be real, it’s the only sport where you can…

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Fupping: Avoid All the Hassle and Use LugLess!

Fupping was nice enough to include LugLess in a piece called 8 Handy Game-Improving Gadgets For Golfers. Is LugLess a gadget? Not so much, but shipping your clubs can probably be game-improving. “LugLess will ship your golf clubs to their final destination for much less than traditional checked baggage fees — as little as $15…

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