6 Secrets to Planning a Budget-Friendly Golf Weekend

budget-friendly golf weekend

Fore for less

Whether you’re an avid golfer or a newbie on the links, just starting out, there’s one undeniable fact you’ve probably already figured out: golf isn’t cheap. And if you’re planning a golf-related getaway? Those expenses will hit your wallet… and hard. But believe it not, it actually is possible to plan a budget-friendly golf weekend.

Before you head out for a golf-filled weekend with your best buddies, check out these money-saving tips.

  • Go off-season

    Now, we’re not suggesting you play in Las Vegas in July. But if your dates are flexible, you can plan your golf weekend during the off-peak travel season and score some big savings.

    You’ll save on plane tickets, hotel rooms, and even the green fees.

    Of course, not every course has the same off-season. So first decide where you want to play, then you can figure out what would be considered off-season.

  • Play less popular courses

    Some cities, like Scottsdale, are golf meccas. You’ll have an entire community of fellow golfers to hang out with on the 19th hole. Unfortunately, the most popular courses are going to be the highest-priced ones.

    Make it a budget-friendly golf weekend by skipping the swanky courses and opting for one that’s lesser-known.

    Of course, if you have a course you absolutely must play, you can always mix it up. Splash out for a round at one of the top-notch courses, then head over to one that falls into your budget.

  • Only splurge on golf

    Steak dinners? Expensive wines? Post-game cigars? Nope, nope, and nope. If you want to save money on your golf weekend, only splurge on golf. Be ruthless with your budget everywhere else.

    Hit up Happy Hour for cheap drinks (and food specials). Or pick up a few bottles at the nearest liquor store and pre-game in your room, we won’t tell! And for recreation, check out the amenities at your hotel. A little time spent by the pool is relaxing and free.

    Another option: skip the cart. While not ideal, it can save you quite a bit of money at some golf courses.

  • Split your hotel costs

    Another secret to having a budget-friendly golf weekend? Split expenses with your friends.

    Now, we’re not talking about rounds or carts, which charge per golfer. But sharing hotel rooms will score you some major savings.

    Or, if you have a large enough group, check out Airbnb. You’ll probably be able to find a place you can all share for much less than the cost of individual hotel rooms.

  • Bring extra gear

    Think of everything you might need during your golf game: tees, balls, a water bottle… Pack everything you might need, then pack extras.

    Because if you run out mid-game, you’ll have to buy them at the pro shop—and we promise that they won’t be cheap.

    If you’re planning on going out after your game, bring a shirt to change into, too. No need to spend money on an overpriced pro shop polo!

  • Ship your clubs

    Bringing your clubs with you on a plane means paying extra baggage fees. Not exactly in line with your goal of having a budget-friendly golf weekend.

    Instead, ship your clubs to your hotel or Airbnb with LugLess. You’ll save money and stress, and your clubs will be waiting for you when you arrive. And when you’re done on the links, you can ship your golf clubs back home and double up on your savings.

From gear to green fees to golf clothes (moisture-wick polos, anyone?), you can count on spending money well before you swing a club. But with a bit of “fore” sight, you can save money on your golf getaway and still have a swinging good time!