Will Millennials kill baggage fees? Just ask taxis.

A funny thing happened on a recent trip to the taxi stand: it no longer exists. Since ride sharing apps like Lyft and Uber have become ubiquitous, many millennials (and regular-folk alike) have turned away from taxis. Whether millennials are responsible for savagely murdering various industries is an open debate, but what is clear is…

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Is it cheaper to ship your luggage?

Ten years ago, this question would leave a lot of people scratching their heads. Until 2008, checking two bags with all major airlines was free…or at least included in the price of your ticket. How quaint that seems now that checking two bags will cost you $140 round trip on all major airlines. Have a…

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7 Billion Reasons to LugLess

Airlines checked bag fees skyrocket According the the Government Accountability Office, airlines collected $7.1 billion in revenue from checked bag and changed reservations fees in the past 12 months! Now, that’s a lot of zeroes (nine by our count). Is it getting better? Ummm…nope. The airlines’s total haul for bag fees was a record $1.2…

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