Are Budget Airlines Really a Discount?

budget airlines

The hidden fees of budget travel If you’re on social media at all, you’ve probably seen the ads: “Flights as low as $49! Roundtrips under $100!” Next thing you know, you’re scrolling through a list of destinations and planning your next vacay. And while it’s great to book those cheap flights, there’s a dark side…

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Airplane Etiquette 101

airplane etiquette

Are You Breaking the 10 Unwritten Rules of Airplane Travel? Flying out of town for a well-deserved getaway? There’s one thing that will make flying easier for you and everyone around you: being courteous to your fellow flyers. Some things are a given – be polite to flight attendants, please! But if you’re a newbie…

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5 New Airport Procedures to Know Before Your Next Flight

a guide to the new airport procedures

Your Guide to a Successful Return to Flying If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the airport, you’re probably wondering about some of the new airport procedures. Because we all know that flying has changed. So do you still need to check in two hours early? What can you bring in your carry-on…

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The New TSA Security Procedures

Everything You Need to Know Before Flying Has it been a while since you hopped on a flight? If so, you might be a bit surprised by the new TSA security procedures. Gone are the good ol’ days of getting friendly with the TSA agents. The emphasis now is on quick and contactless security checks.…

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Avoid Overweight Checked Baggage Fee Sticker Shock

AKA, how those extra fees sneak up on you It’s a world of underpackers versus overpackers. Some people can head to the airport, perfectly carefree with just a backpack or small carry-on. For the rest of you, though, the night before a trip finds you agonizing amongst the contents of your closet – which are…

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