5 New Airport Procedures to Know Before Your Next Flight

a guide to the new airport procedures

Your Guide to a Successful Return to Flying

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the airport, you’re probably wondering about some of the new airport procedures. Because we all know that flying has changed. So do you still need to check in two hours early? What can you bring in your carry-on (hint: leave that water bottle at home). And most importantly: is your favorite Cuban food cart at MIA still open?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Go ahead and pack your favorite bag, because here’s everything you need to know before you return to the skies.

  • Check in early (but like, 24 hours early)

    One of the biggest changes that most airports and airlines are insisting on , erm, suggesting, is online/mobile check-in. Meaning, don’t snake through that ridiculously slow line for no reason. Most flights will allow you to check in 24 hours advance (check your itinerary for the exact details). Exit your uber and go straight to security, please and thank you.

    Pro Tip: If you check in using your cell phone, take a screenshot of your boarding pass, so you won’t have to worry about airport WiFi when it’s time to board.

  • No ID needed?!?

    The next big airport change is straight-up sci-fi, you guys. CLEAR is installing biometric scanners at airports across the country. They use your fingerprints and irises to create a unique and highly encrypted code that can identify you in just a few seconds. Without a passport or I.D. Just walk up, peep into their machine, and there you go. Kinda creepy, not gonna lie.

    Oh, and do keep in mind that this is emerging tech, not available everywhere just yet, so check out the airports you’re flying in and out of before you head over. And always, always, have your ID with you, k?

  • Snack time

    Sorry, folks, but most airports are done with the food vendors you’ve grown used to. Some restaurants may still be open, but rifling through the salads and sammies when you’re short on time? Yeah, that’s a no.

    But since nobody wants a gate full of hangry travelers, most airports have added one very convenient option. You can pre-order a meal on your phone and then pick it up at the gate. Yes, that includes your empanada in Miami.

  • All aboard

    Let’s be honest: flying coach just isn’t fun. Even boarding a plane is, shall we say it, just a wee bit elitist. First all the first-class passengers, then the business class, then what feels like a few years later the rest of get to schlep to the back of the plane. Well, that’s all about to change. Most airlines have switched up their boarding policies so that planes now board from back to front. It’s our favorite out of all the new airport procedures. Score one for the little guys!

  • Or, just use the back door

    To make boarding easier and even less crowded, airports are now allowing some airlines/flights (on the less busy runways) to board from the tarmac as well. Yes, the tarmac. You get to walk out on the runway and board up the stairs directly onto the plane. Now that’s some serious 60’s glam right there! It might mess up your ‘do, but SO worth it for that airplane selfie!

The new airport procedures are designed to make flying easier and more convenient for everyone. And we’re all about convenience. Because what’s more convenient than flying without luggage?

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Just you, your cell phone, and your (pre-ordered) snacks.