The Perfect Luggage For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re like us, you can’t resist the urge to check out your zodiac sign whenever you stumble upon a new astrology chart. Sometimes it’s dead on, other times you relate more to a different one. You were born, after all, a week earlier than expected…

Now that we’re all beginning to take to the skies again, we thought it was only appropriate that you step out with the bag that best suits you (and your star sign!) to get back into the traveling spirit.

Check out our handy luggage zodiac chart to help you find the perfect accessory:

  • Aries

    March 21-April 20

    Backpacking bag
    Aries are pioneering and courageous with a zest for adventure. A backpacking bag best represents their desire to explore new places and the dynamic nature of the bag parallels their ability to think on their feet.

    Consider this bag: here

  • Taurus

    April 21-May 21

    Hard briefcase
    Persistent and determined, Taurus mirrors the qualities of a hard briefcase. The sturdy travel bag keeps contents secure and is always reliable just like this star sign!

    Consider this bag: here

  • Gemini

    May 22-June 21

    Rolling backpack
    This youthful and lively bag is just like the star sign it represents Gemini. The twin star sign is just like the bag in that it can adapt to different situations flawlessly (use the straps to carry the bag on your back or wheel it along to get from A to B faster).

    Consider this bag: here

  • Cancer

    June 22-July 22

    Travel laptop case
    Cancers are practical and prudent, much like a travel laptop case. They are ambitious and disciplined, so making sure that their laptops are easily accessible for a bit of in-flight work is of utmost importance.

    Consider this bag: here 

  • Leo

    July 23-August 21

    Duffle bag
    Duffel bags have the largest middle portion of any bag, allowing travelers to pack generously for their trips. Generosity is a key characteristic of Leos, who are also broad-minded and expansive as well as faithful in nature just like a trusty duffel bag!

    Consider this bag: here

  • Virgo

    August 22-September 23

    Smart luggage
    Intelligent and analytical, Virgos and smart luggage have a lot in common. Features like GPS tracking and device connectivity appeal to the meticulous and reliable Virgo.

    Consider this bag: here

  • Libra

    September 24-October 24

    Softside luggage
    The classic softside luggage is just like Libra in that they are charming and easygoing bags with a lot to offer (storage wise). Just like this star sign, they are the perfect balance of ingenuity and practicality.

    Consider this bag: here

  • Scorpio

    October 25-November 22

    Hardside luggage
    These hard-shelled bags share the same traits as Scorpios: powerful and determined (to keep your items protected). They are some of the newest luggage types available, making them exciting and magnetic to potential buyers; two characteristics also attributed to Scorpios.

    Consider this bag: here

  • Sagitarius

    November 23-December 22

    Travel tote
    Travel totes only allow you to pack your essentials; something that works out for optimistic Sagittariuses that believe they will only need a few items during their trip. Since the bag doesn’t take up much space, it allows for more freedom – one of the main values of all Sagittariuses.

    Consider this bag: here

  • Capricorn

    December 23-January 20

    Rolling spinner luggage
    Ambitious capricorns are always looking to make moves, just like rolling spinner luggage! The wheels allow for sharp movements in any direction, allowing them to keep up with the tenacious Capricorn spirit.

    Consider this bag: here

  • Aquarius

    January 21-February 19

    Designer luggage
    Honest and loyal, Aquarius would never stray from their trusted designer luggage of choice. They are always keen to buy the newest piece in the collection, as they are major trend setters and want to stay up-to-date with their travel gear style.

    Consider this bag: here

  • Pisces

    February 20-March 20

    Indie brand backpack
    Intuitive and sympathetic, Pisces are best represented by an indie brand backpack, as they are understanding of a new brand’s hopes and dreams. Many indie brands also have a sustainable or humanitarian “giving back” component to them, which resonates with compassionate and kind Pisces.

    Consider this bag: here

What do you think? Did your zodiac sign align with your luggage type? Let us know in the comments! Either way, we know that all star signs can agree on one thing: lugging your bags to and from the airport is not a stellar experience. But, have no fear, LugLess is here!

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