Hotel Business: LugLess Provides Alternative for Luggage Shipping

If you are a guest that’s traveling to a hotel for business or pleasure, or an actual hotel looking to provide a new amenity for those coming to stay with you, check out this latest detailed LugLess write up by Hotel Business.

They do a great job outlining the current airport reality and checking bags with an airline and propose another alternative of shipping your bags, skis, golf clubs, and more ahead of time with LugLess.

“A third issue has arisen during the COVID-19 crisis. Checking baggage at the airport presents social-distancing complications on the check-in line and at baggage claim. Luggage shipping service LugLess recently surveyed more than 500 adults in the U.S. and found that almost 20% of them would be more likely to fly if they didn’t have to check their bags, as it would allow them to avoid major contact points at the airport like baggage claim.”

To read the full Hotel Business article and how guests and hotels can make the travel journey better by utilizing a luggage shipping service like LugLess, read here.

Or you can view the PDF from the Hotel Business print feature below.