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Travel without the baggage

Ship luggage, golf clubs, or skis for as little as $15

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What Can I Ship?

Golf Bags, Skis, Boxes, Luggage of any size

Never worry about packing too much again. Every piece of luggage that you send with LugLess is weighed and measured to make sure you are charged accurately for what you ship.

The lowest rates

Backed by the reliability of FedEx® and UPS®

We offer the cheapest luggage shipping rates by letting you choose what options you need, like doorstep pickup or additional coverage. That way you only pay for the options you use.

The easiest way to ship luggage

We can’t decide if the best part of using LugLess is the price or the convenience. And frankly, we’re not sure the answer even matters.

Print Labels

Print your labels and attach them to your bags that you’ve packed just as you normally would.

Send Luggage

At least a day before your arrival hand your luggage off to FedEx® or UPS® – at your convenience.

Travel Light

Head to the airport with just the essentials and fly to your destination without luggage.

Receive Luggage

Meet your luggage at your destination – many plan to have it arrive one day early.