3 Smart Tips for Packing for College in the Northeast

packing for college in the Northeast

Heading off to college in the northeastern “megalopolis” that includes Boston, New York City, and D.C. is filled with excitement… and a touch of uncertainty, too. And if you’ve never lived there before, the big question is: what should you be packing for college in the Northeast? Now, we trust you to remember the essentials.…

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7 Go-To Tips for a Successful College Visit

college visit

Finding the Right Fit for Your Future Freshman Deciding where you’re going to live for the next four years isn’t an easy decision for anyone, especially a high schooler. From the temptation to choose the same school as their bestie to wanting to live in their favorite big city, the pressure is real. When decision…

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Moving to College? 5 Ways to Save Money Right Away

moving to college

Budget tips for the big move to campus You got your acceptance letter, bought the hoodie, and signed up for some pretty cool classes. Now comes the most exciting part: move-in day. Whether you’re headed to the dorms or setting up an off-campus apartment, moving to college can take a huge chunk out of your…

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Where to Find the Best Colleges for Out-of-State Students

best colleges for out-of-state students

Looking at college costs? Then you’re probably experiencing some serious sticker shock… especially if you’re thinking of heading out of state. That’s when the tuition fees absolutely skyrocket. Lucky for you, there are some top-notch universities that are both affordable and amazing, regardless of where you live. In fact, the best colleges for out-of-state students…

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Quick Guide: How to Pack for College

how to pack for college

You’re thisclose to being ready to head back to school. You’ve read the packing lists and have all the important stuff. But it turns out that deciding what pack for college is only step one. Now you have to figure out how to get it all there! Not sure how to pack up all your…

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