Quick Guide: What NOT to Pack

what not to pack

5 Items to Leave out of Your Suitcase If you’re a regular through the TSA queue, you’re probably up-to-date on the list of items you can’t carry onboard with you. Lighters, liquids more than 3.4 oz., and your trusty pocket knife all get a red “X.” But how about what not to pack in your…

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12 Foolproof Hacks for Flying with Kids

flying with kids

A Stress-Free Travel Guide for Family Flights Are you just a bit worried about hitting the friendly skies with your kids? Don’t be! Sure, traveling with small children can bring its own set of challenges, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. A little bit of pre-planning is all you need to make travel days easier…

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5 Planning Tips for a “Girls Only” Getaway

Girlfriends. Sisters. Tribe. Besties. Whatever you call the girls you hang out with, one thing is for certain – girl time is the best time. Sure, family vacays are fun, and a romantic weekend is super sweet. But laughing until you cry with your closest friends? There’s just nothing like it. So in honor of…

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3 useful things to do with your luggage when not traveling

Having the right piece of luggage when you travel can make or break a trip (ah, those effortless, handy spinning wheels). What happens once the trip is over? Do you still have the same fondness for that useful, gliding wheeled suitcase as it takes up space in your closet? Probably not. If you live in…

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5 Ways To Make A Staycation Feel Like A Vacation

Here’s to all you awesome individuals that want to travel right now but realize it’s not in the cards either “jobwise” or “lifewise”. Either your budget is tight and/or you are too busy keeping your job to even think about splurging on an epic trip to some exotic location. Fear not thrifty would-be travelers, we…

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