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5 Ways to Attract Inspiration While Traveling

For artists and those whose creative juices tend to flow at various times, vacations and trips to other destinations can sometimes inspire a wealth of creativity, while at other times leaving your well of artistic expression nearly dry. There really is no way to tell how a particular place might move you or, for that…

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Can’t-Miss Fall Foliage Getaways

New England is entering the season of crisp air (mmm), crispy leaves underfoot (sigh) and apple crisp (yum). At the risk of being slightly basic, there is no better way to celebrate the start of sweater weather than with a trip to the northeast: home of epic fall foliage. So pack your fleece vest, grab…

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Trips to Book Now: Where to Travel in 2020 (Part I)

2020 might seem light years away, but you guys… it’s not. It’s actually, seriously, almost here. For those who like to plan ahead—or do just the eensiest bit of vacay daydreaming while at your desk—now is the time to book your trips for the first half of the next decade’s new year. (Seriously though, HOW…

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5 Best Apps for Planning Your Next Vacation

Travel planning can feel overwhelming when you have a lot of things on your to-do list to check off before the big day! We’re always on our smartphones, so why not use technology to our advantage? There are literally apps for everything, including apps that’ll make planning your next vacay a lot easier. From booking…

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How To Plan & Take Your First Solo Trip

Solo travel is a pretty sweet deal. If you’ve never gone on a solo trip before, now is the perfect time. You call all the shots (no compromising with anyone) — everything is on your terms. You decide how long you want to travel, how much you want to spend, and where you want to…

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