7 Hacks To Make Your Coach Ticket Feel More Like First Class

Small seats. Little leg room. Airline food.

Travel can be really exhausting, especially when you’re packed like sardines in economy. But with our special hacks, you can easily turn your coach ticket into an experience that’ll feel like you’re in first class. And the best part? You can do it without spending first-class dollars!

Try these 7 hacks on your next flight to treat yo self!

  • Early check-in

    There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the middle seat. While it’s not guaranteed, if you complete the check-in process early enough, you’ll increase your chance of a better airline seat. Many airlines allow passengers to complete the check-in process 24 hours before their flight, so take advantage of that! Early check-in will also allow you to use a mobile boarding pass, skip long lines, and get through security faster.

  • Pack your own food

    Let’s be real, airline food is never that good. Even if a meal is included with your economy fare, you can make something at home or buy something before your flight that’s more enjoyable. Your meal doesn’t have to be from a 5-star restaurant to make you feel good. Whether it’s a sandwich from your favorite place, a killer breakfast burritos, or a homemade salad in a jar, make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy!

  • Grab a coffee before your flight

    Hmm, watery and bland airline coffee or Starbucks? Airline coffee doesn’t have the best rep and some people are very particular about their coffee. So, if you want to feel fancy, grab a Starbucks or hit up an airport café before boarding. Then all you have to do is relax with your full-sized coffee cup. And if you want to be extra smart, bring a travel mug with you and fill it up in your terminal before boarding! This way, you’ll have hot coffee for a few hours! Cheers!

  • Dress in comfort and style

    When you look good, you feel good! No need to wear 7-inch heels or a 3-piece suit. You can still rock your travel look with a few key pieces. For a gender-neutral look, try a jacket or blazer, a classic white t-shirt, and trousers or jeans with sneakers or boots. For a more feminine touch, try leggings underneath a simple, solid color dress, a jacket or cardigan, and an oversized scarf with a pair of flats or sandals. Add a pair of shades for those Instagram-worthy moments and you’ll be flying in style.

  • Pack some entertainment

    In-flight entertainment can be limited, so make sure to bring your own! Bring a physical book, your Kindle, or download a few audiobooks on your phone! Also, download some movies on your phone or iPad. All you need is a good pair of headphones and you’re set! For moments when you just want to zone out, have a killer playlist with a good mixture of songs to listen to while you enjoy your coffee. If you experience flight anxiety, try meditation!

  • Bring your own amenities kit

    There’s only so much you’ll get with your in-flight service. Give yourself an upgrade with your own amenities kit. Buy a nice travel pouch (the nicer, the more VIP you’ll feel!) that you can fill with all sorts of goodies. Here’s a quick list that’ll get you started: a pair of slipper socks, a toothbrush, skincare products, moist towelettes, essential oils (to help reduce stress), chapstick, a sleep mask, and ear plugs. You can also bring a neck pillow for sleep (carried separately from your travel pouch or use one that doubles as a travel pouch).

  • Travel off-peak season

    There are so many benefits of traveling off-peak season! Flights are cheaper and less crowded. And you might even get a whole row of seats to yourself — every traveler’s dream! Who needs first class when you can turn 3 economy seats into a mini bed? So, if you can travel off-peak season, go for it! You’ll likely have a more relaxed flight experience and arrive at your destination refreshed.

Remember, economy doesn’t have to be a nightmare! You just have to be a little creative to get the first class experience. With a little effort and our hacks, you’ll feel like you’re VIP in the economy section and fly like royalty!

What are your secrets to feeling more VIP on economy flights? Tell us in the comments!


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