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Best Alternative Airports To Use For Major Cities

We’re big fans of alternative airports! You’d be surprised with the price difference in flights, fewer crowds/lines, and less stress!

So if you’re looking to save a few bucks and have a more VIP experience with your travels, then consider using alternative airports. We’ve selected major U.S. cities with the best alternative airports to use!

  • Los Angeles

    Everyone knows that LAX doesn’t have a good reputation but sometimes you have to go through it to get to your destination. Sometimes it sucks but what if you didn’t have to deal with the crazy airport layout and never finding a place to charge your phone? For your next trip, head to Hollywood-Burbank Airport where you’ll experience affordable parking, easy shuttle access, and a Metrolink Station within walking distance to the airport’s 2 terminals. It’s also closer to the main attractions, so if you have friends visiting on a layover, you can take them to Universal Studios or Hollywood for a quick visit!

  • Chicago

    There are two main airports that people love flying into and out of — Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Chicago Midway International Airport. However, while O’Hare may be popular, it’s also recently been reported the nation’s busiest airports in terms of total flights. Midway is a good alternative airport to fly out of especially for domestic flights and has shorter lines. It’s also very accessible to the train and closer to downtown Chicago. There’s no stressful airport navigation and plenty of offsite parking available. And only certain airlines fly in and out of Midway, which may work out cheaper in airfare for you!

  • New York City

    While LaGuardia is a popular option for many to consider because it’s closest to Manhattan, it’s also known to have flight cancellations and delays all the time. Depending on where you live or are staying, you may want to choose Newark, John F. Kennedy (JFK) or even Westchester County as an alternative airport. There are certain advantages to choosing one over another. JFK will have plenty of international flights and connections and you can get to/from Manhattan via the AirTrain link! Newark is located in the Chemical Coast of New Jersey and best to best to use if you live in (or plan on visiting) points west of Manhattan. However, it’s easy to take a train from Newark to Penn Station or vice versa to Newark Liberty Airport Station.

  • Washington, DC

    Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Dulles International Airport or Baltimore-Washington International Airport? DCA National is closet to downtown, however, it’s limited by a perimeter rule on nonstop flight destinations even though the airport is growing daily. Pick one of the alternatives for better flights. Dulles has a robust flight network and is a hub to United Airlines. And there’s plenty of available ground transportation, including the Metrobus. Then there’s Baltimore, which is a similar distance to get to downtown Washington. There’s a solid Amtrak connection you can take and it’ll take about 25 minutes to get downtown, and some people prefer that consistently in transportation. The airport serves over 700 daily domestic and international flights serving more than 75 cities nonstop!

Alternative airports can be easier to navigate and less of a pain to get to/from your destination. So next time you’re booking a flight, consider an alternative airport in your city! You might save a few bucks and find it a lot easier on your travel day! To make things even more stress-free, consider using LugLess to ship your bags to your destination starting at only $15! Why drag your luggage around when you don’t have to?

Where are your fave alternative airports? Drop us a comment!

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