5 Ways to Attract Inspiration While Traveling

For artists and those whose creative juices tend to flow at various times, vacations and trips to other destinations can sometimes inspire a wealth of creativity, while at other times leaving your well of artistic expression nearly dry. There really is no way to tell how a particular place might move you or, for that matter, fail to motivate you to create anything more than a daily itinerary.

Sometimes it can be something simple, such as not being fully recovered from the travel itself or difficulty adjusting to the new time zone. Other times it may be a lack of inspiration. So if you are hoping to make the most of your next trip, whether you’re flying solo or traveling with a group, here are a few simple ways you can try to bring out the inner artist and create your greatest masterpiece to date:

  • Visit a Beautiful Place That You Have Never Seen Before

    There is so much beauty and wonder on this little blue and green ball we call home. A person could live to be a hundred years old, travel the world their entire life, and never see it all. So with that being understood, why not go to one of the various awe-inspiring places in the region you are visiting and see what it stirs inside your soul.

  • Observe Local People and Scenery

    Another good way to find inspiration in your new locale is by doing something you have probably done a thousand times before; people watch. Take in the local atmosphere at a busy place like the markets or tourist areas. Breathe in the air and mingle with people. Notice the colors, listen to the sounds. Take note of the things the environment around you is saying, and use it to make something unique.

  • Take a Nearby Art Class

    What could be an easier way to flex your creative muscles than by actually immersing yourself in a class and being surrounded by other people who are all looking for their own release of expression? And the fact that you are in a new place with a diverse culture, it is very likely you will be introduced to a way of thinking that is unique to your life experience.

  • Take a Journal for Recording Things That Speak to You

    This can be extremely helpful for a couple of reasons. Not only will this give you the ability to keep these moments with you forever, but for those times when the inspiration and ideas are flowing so fast you can’t possibly rein them all in, this will help to keep them organized and filed away for when you have the time to focus on them.

  • Let the Wind and Road Take You Where It May

    Finally, one of the best ways to open yourself to the flow of art in and around you: don’t be so rigid. Allow yourself to be spontaneous, free-spirited, and open. If you hear about a beautiful waterfall or a place to watch a breathtaking sunset, go check it out.

Let the place you are visiting speak to you in its own inspirational language and listen to it. There are many other ways to experience and enjoy culture from all over the world. All you have to do is indulge in the journey and allow it to happen organically – you might be surprised at the inspiration you draw as a result.

How do you attract inspiration when you travel? Let us know in the comment!

Author bio: Hannah Stevens

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