The New TSA Security Procedures

Everything You Need to Know Before Flying

Has it been a while since you hopped on a flight? If so, you might be a bit surprised by the new TSA security procedures. Gone are the good ol’ days of getting friendly with the TSA agents. The emphasis now is on quick and contactless security checks. Which we’re totally cool with – the less time we spend in line, the better. (We’re impatient like that.)

But if you’re getting ready for your first vacay in way too long, you need to know what to expect at airport security. Our guide has you covered with all the latest changes.

  • Hold on to your pass

    No more handing over your boarding pass and I.D. to a TSA agent. Instead, you’ll be scanning them on a document reader, then holding them up for visual inspection. Starting to sound a little dystopian?

  • Skip the bins for personal items

    Typically, you grab a gray bin and pretty much dump out your pockets: wallet, phone, keys. Yep, that policy changed, too. No more bins. Instead, you’ll be asked to put all of your personal belongings into your carry-on, to reduce the possibility of cross-contamination. The exception: your laptop, shoes, and belt will still have to go in a bin.

    Pro Tip: Don’t be that person holding everyone up. Place everything in your carry-on before you get in the security line.

  • But use the bins for food

    Apparently, food items are one of the biggest triggers for TSA security alarms. Who knew?! So to reduce the possibility of a TSA agent having to open your bags and inspect your sammies and plane snacks, you’ll be putting any food items into the plastic bins.

  • Stick to that 3.4 ounces rule

    This isn’t one of the new TSA procedures – they’ve had this rule in place for a while. Yet, someone always forgets – and it’s usually the person right in front of you, am I right? But now, TSA is enforcing this rule a little differently. If you attempt to go through the line with more than the allowed amount of liquids, they’ll ask you to step out of line, discard the item, and then go to the very end of the line. You don’t really want to go through that hassle, do you? Play it smart, stay under 3.4 ounces.

    Pssssst! TSA will make an exception for hand sanitizer; you can bring up to 12 ounces in your carry-on. Just remove it prior to screening, so it doesn’t trigger the alarm.

  • Time it right

    Unless you’re starring in a rom-com, you probably don’t want to be sprinting through the airport. These new TSA security procedures will take time, you guys. Get to the airport extra-early so that you’re not stressed. Once you’re through security, you can kill time waiting for your flight at Starbucks. Or the airport bar (we won’t tell).

If it all sounds like a hassle, you can make your life easier by signing up for TSA PreCheck. You won’t have to remove your shoes, belt or jacket, plus you can leave liquids, food, and laptops in your carry-on. Bonus: you’ll go through a dedicated line (kinda like a Disney FastPass, but without the cool mouse ears).

And if you really want to make the whole preflight process easier, skip checking bags by shipping your luggage directly to your final destination. LugLess will get your bags to your hotel or airbnb so you can make a beeline straight to security. You already have enough to worry about at the airport, let us handle this one for you!