3 Smart Tips for Packing for a Golf Trip to Scottsdale

packing for a golf trip to Scottsdale

Be prepared for all 19 holes

Some cities are synonymous with good golf, and Scottsdale is definitely one of them! With gorgeous year-round weather and over 200 courses, it’s one of the premier golf destinations in the world. And we highly recommend it for your next golf vacation!

Of course, a successful golf trip isn’t just where you go, it’s also what you bring. In your luggage, that is. When you’re packing for a golf trip to Scottsdale, here are some indispensable items to keep in mind.

  • The right attire

    Golf is a gentleman’s sport, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the game’s stringent dress code.

    Here are some general “rules” to keep in mind when you’re packing for a golf trip to Scottsdale.

    Bottoms: Not all courses allow shorts. And if they do, they’re looking for “dress” shorts, the kind with belt loops. Not your gym shorts or drawstring shorts. Ladies can wear the same style of shorts or “skorts” if they’re more comfy.

    Tops: The vast majority of golf courses require players to wear collared shirts. Leave the tee shirts for off the links. Choose moisture-wicking fabrics, which will keep you cool and dry for 18 holes.

    Check the course’s website or give the pro shop a quick call if you’re not sure of what to wear.

  • On the links: golf gear

    Remember: whatever gets left at home is going to have to be replaced in the pro shop, which won’t do your golf budget any favors!

    A ridiculous number of balls and tees, a towel, a glove (and an extra glove—why are they so easily misplaced?), and a divot repair tool should all be given.

    And then there are the extras. You might not need them, but you’ll be so happy you packed them if you do.

    – Band-aids and bug repellant, just in case
    – Extra socks, especially if an early tee time has you playing in the morning dew
    – Sunscreen and chapstick with SPF: that desert sun is fierce!
    – Sunglasses: make sure they’re labeled for 100% UV protection
    – Hat or visor: even if you’re wearing sunscreen, it’s always nice to keep the sun off your face (and out of your eyes)
    Insulated weather bottle: fill it up with ice water and keep cool while you’re playing

    And, just a suggestion: bring your favorite over-the-counter pain reliever. Multiple rounds of golf could easily leave you with aching muscles!

  • Desert downtime

    Regardless of how many rounds of golf you plan to play, make sure you bring stuff for when you’re off the green, too.

    Scottsdale isn’t super swanky, but the city does have a fair number of luxury resorts and fine restaurants. Any of these will require dressier attire than what you might normally pack for a vacation. Think evening wear, sports jackets, and shoes other than sneakers.

    Chances are your hotel will have a pool, so bring your bathing suit. Nothing soothes sore muscles as much as blissing out in the water, especially on a balmy desert day.

    And even though the desert weather tends to be hot-hot-hot, mornings and evenings can feel quite chilly by comparison. A lightweight windbreaker takes up almost no room and can come in handy, on or off the golf course.

Ready to start packing for a golf trip to Scottsdale? Our list makes it easy-peasy to make sure you have everything you need to have an amazing time, on or off the course.

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