Quick Guide: The Ultimate Golf Vacation

golf vacation

Tee off with our mulligan-free planning tips

Bitten by the travel bug? Want to hit the elusive hole-in-one? If you answered “yes” to both, then it sounds like you need a golf vacation, stat! Just think: cloudless skies, greens stretching out ahead of you, and a cold drink waiting on the other side.

Ready to tee off? Check out our guide and you’ll enjoy an epic golfer’s getaway!

  • Handpick your crew

    The only thing more fun than playing a round or three is hitting the links with your besties. So, first things first, you have to pick your peeps. Think of personalities, golf skills, and whatever else will help everyone “mesh.” Are you putting together 36-holes-a-day competitors? Or 18-and-a-beer socializers?

    Ideally, you’ll end up with a group that can be divided by four, to make golf outings easier to arrange. But sometimes, it’s next to impossible. Got a friend group of 10? Uh-oh. You’re sure to hurt feelings if you only invite some of them to take part in a golf vacation. In that case, send out a group invite with one very important caveat: the first seven to reply with a definite “heck yeah” are in.

  • Choose your destination (and dates)

    The U.S. is filled with excellent golfing cities, so you can afford to be picky. Check everything from proximity to prices to nightlife to find the best fit for you and your golf crew. 

    If your trip is during the winter months, courses in Arizona, California, or Florida are your best bet. No one wants to golf in freezing temps! But those same courses may be way too hot and humid for summer swings. Check the local weather for your destination to pick the best time of year to play there.

  • Find the right courses

    Once you’ve picked the destination, decide which courses you want to tee off at. Sure, playing at the major “bucket list” courses is tempting. But the challenging holes can be frustrating for some of your less-experienced golf buddies.

    Alternate with some smaller local courses for extra options. They’ll be easier on your swing and your budget!

  • Book ahead

    As soon as you’ve decided on when and where you’re going on your golf vacation, try to plan and book as much of your trip as you can ahead of time.

    Accommodations, flights, and tee times are the big ones, of course. But also look into golf carts, caddies, and even a lesson or two with the club’s golf pro. If you’re visiting a popular golf destination, you may want to make restaurant reservations, too. Unless you’re just planning on hitting the 19th hole… hey, it’s our preference, too!

  • Schedule downtime

    Golfing every day isn’t easy on your muscles. So make sure to block off some downtime for non-golf outings.

    Depending on which golf city you’re hitting up, your possibilities are endless. Playing TPC Sawgrass? Check out nearby St. Augustine, one of the nation’s coolest historical cities. Hitting the links in Scottsdale? Book a post-game massage at one of the city’s many spas. And if you’re golfing in Vegas, well, you know what to do.

  • Pack properly

    Unless you want to do laundry during your golf vacation (spoiler alert: you don’t!), make sure you pack enough clothes to get you through the week. That’s one golf outfit per day, plus clothes for dinner, sightseeing, the beach, and anything else you plan on doing.

    And be sure to check in with the courses you plan on playing. It sounds old-fashioned, but some golf courses still do have dress codes.

    Lastly, make sure your golf bag is packed with everything you need, especially extra balls and tees. While most clubhouses will have whatever you need for sale, the prices are sure to be steeper than online or at your local golf shop.

  • Ship your clubs

    Playing with your own clubs is essential. But do you really want to haul them through the airport, then wait for them at baggage claim, all before getting a single swing in? We didn’t think so!

    Ship your golf clubs to your hotel or Airbnb with LugLess and you’ll be able to go from the tarmac to the fairway in record time!