Digital Nomad Gear: 10 Must-Have Tech Tools

Make Your Travels—and Life—Easier!

Life as a digital nomad is filled with amazing benefits: no commute, working on your own schedule, and having your office wherever you open your laptop. But without the benefits of an office supply closet and IT department, you’ll need to pack the necessary digital nomad gear.

To help you figure out what you need to pack, here’s our list of indispensable tech tools.

  • Laptop backpack

    Set yourself up for success even before hopping on your first flight by investing in your first piece of digital nomad gear: a laptop backpack.

    Unlike regular backpacks, these are padded to protect your electronics when you’re traveling between cities or to co-working spaces. Even better, many of these laptops come with a lock, for added security for your electronics.

  • Noise-canceling headphones

    Or earbuds, whatever works for you!

    Life as a digital nomad means you’ll probably find yourself working in shared spaces from time to time. Anything that drowns out distractions and helps you focus on productivity will be a lifesaver.

  • Portable laptop stand

    One of the very few drawbacks of remote work is that you won’t have the traditional office setup you might be used to.

    Whether it’s the comfy couch at your favorite cafe or the dining room table at your Airbnb, chances are you’ll eventually find yourself slouching or hunching over as you work. Ouch!

    A portable laptop stand raises your screen and keyboard to a more ergonomically-favorable height, saving you from the aches and pains of “tech neck.”

  • Anti-glare screen

    One of the many benefits of being a digital nomad is the joy of working outdoors on a gorgeously cloudless day.

    Unfortunately, those same sunny skies are guaranteed to have you squinting at your screen. Save your eyesight by slipping an anti-glare screen over your laptop.

    Then head to your favorite tiki bar for a glare-free day at “the office.” We won’t tell if you won’t!

  • WiFi hotspot

    With so many places to explore, why be tied to your hotel, Airbnb, or cafes/libraries/co-working spaces, just for the free WiFi?

    Sure, you can use your phone to create a hotspot… but you’ll max out your data and possibly drop down to a lower-tier (read: slower) plan. A portable hotspot gives you all the WiFi you need, without burning through your data.

    P.S.: if you plan on spending any of your time in The Great Outdoors (national parks, anyone?), a WiFi hotspot is an absolutely essential piece of digital nomad gear.

  • Portable power bank

    Working wherever you want? Sweet! Watching batteries slowly draining? Um, not sweet!

    If you’re planning to work outdoors at all, a portable power bank is a must-have. No more worrying about whether you’ll have access to an outlet. The peace of mind completely makes up for the cost, trust us!

  • External hard drive

    No matter how much you rely on cloud storage, it always feels so good to know that your work is backed up.

    Although a thumb drive is smaller and might be more convenient to pack, we definitely suggest an external hard drive instead. For one, it’ll generally hold more data, so you won’t have to worry about running out of space. Plus, you can write over your data multiple times without affecting its quality.

    Pro Tip: look for a waterproof external drive. You never know where your travels might lead!

  • Accessories organizer

    All those cables, cords, and chargers need to go somewhere. A jumble of cords just adds stress and visual clutter to your easy-breezy nomad lifestyle.

    Pick up an organizer for your digital accessories, and designate a spot for every cord, headphone, and charging block.

    Bonus: when everything has its own spot, it’s easier to see if something’s missing, so you won’t accidentally leave a charger behind when you move on to your next location.

  • Blue light glasses

    Digital nomads spend pretty much allllll of their hours online. Whether you’re researching, coding, or in a meeting, you’re staring. at. a. screen. (For a really long time!)

    Protect your peepers and cut back on retinal damage with blue light glasses that filter out the most harmful rays.

    Hey, if Superman can wear glasses to work, so can you!

  • Inflatable lumbar pillow

    Well, technically this last one is more “tech-adjacent”… but you guys. We’re obsessed with an inflatable lumbar pillow.

    Your hotel or Airbnb might not have the supportive yet comfortable chair your back needs. But with an easy-to-pack inflatable pillow, you won’t even notice!

Ready to take your work on the road? Investing in the right digital nomad gear will make your wandering lifestyle that much smoother!

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