How to Pack Light for Winter Travels

pack light for winter travels

Hitting the slopes. Experiencing a Hallmark-style “winter wonderland.” Visiting your favorite city without the summer hordes. There’s no denying it: winter travel rocks! What doesn’t rock: lugging heavy suitcases filled with bulky winter clothes through the airport. But while it may not be easy to pack light for winter travels, it can be done. Here…

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Our Favorite Travel Apps for 2024

travel apps

Awesome apps, awesome trip! The one thing most people keep close on vacation—other than their favorite travel buddy—is their smartphone. And sure, you can use it to snap pics for your Instagram or keep in touch with everyone back home. But you can also use your phone to make travel a breeze, thanks to travel…

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4 Amazing Cities for a Wonderful Winter Vacation

winter vacation

Cold weather = warm memories Snow-covered scenery. Seasonal festivals and events. Winter trips are uniquely magical experiences, combining the excitement of snow sports with the cozy warmth of indoor pursuits. And cold-weather enthusiasts come alive at the very thought of a winter vacation, booking flights at the first sign of a snowflake. Ready for a…

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3 Smart Tips for Packing For a Holiday Trip to the West Coast

packing for a holiday trip to the West Coast

Deciding to take a holiday trip is an easy win: visiting family, using up remaining PTO, or simply celebrating the holidays out of town. Packing, on the other hand, can be a bit more complicated. Especially if you’re packing for a holiday trip to the West Coast! You’ll have to do more than just pack…

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7 Secret Strategies for Holiday Savings

holiday savings

Because even Santa’s on a budget Fasten your sleigh-belt, because the holidays are approaching fast! And no one knows that better than your dwindling bank account. From your secret cookie ingredients to gifts for the extended fam, the very idea of holiday savings might seem like a Christmas miracle. But wait! Before you reach for…

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