The 5 Best Small Vacation Towns in America

best small vacation towns

Skip the cities and paint the (small) town red! Bustling crowds, trendy restaurants, swanky art openings… There’s no denying the appeal of a glam big-city getaway. But then there’s the flip side: the friendly locals, artisan shops, and walkable downtowns of America’s best small vacation towns. Ready for your next vacay? Check out our five…

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The Top NFL Stadiums Every Fan Should Visit

top NFL stadiums

Tailgating. Face painting. Tens of thousands of people chanting. No matter how large your TV screen is or how yummy your homemade nachos are, nothing beats the excitement of a live football game! And after you’ve cheered on “your” team on their home field, it’s time to head somewhere new… that’s right, a pilgrimage to…

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Quick Guide: The Best Beaches for a Labor Day Weekend Getaway

labor day weekend

School supplies are flying off the shelves and stores are stocking up on Halloween decorations. But that doesn’t mean summer is over! There are plenty of places in the U.S. that still have warm weather. And not just warm-ish; we’re talking “slather on sunscreen and hit the waves” warm. If you’re in the mood for…

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5 Questions to Answer Before You Become a Digital Nomad

The Ultimate Checklist to Get You Started Is location independence calling your name? If so, then you’re not alone! Forget being tethered to a desk, 9-5. And no more sitting in traffic every morning. The skyrocketing number of remote work opportunities has created a thriving digital nomad community that “commutes” from anywhere in the country.…

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The List: How to Pack a Carry-on for a Seven Day Trip

The List, a popular women’s news and lifestyle site that focuses on everything from reality TV to Hollywood and everything in-between, gave LugLess a shout out for one of our reasons on why people try and cram as much into one carry-on size suitcase in their recent article, How to Pack a Carry-on for a…

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