Terms of Value Protection

LugLess offers Value Protection to increase our maximum liability in connection with your shipment, including, but not limited to, any loss, damage, or nondelivery relating to that shipment. Value Protection is not insurance, and LugLess does not offer insurance coverage of any kind. If you want insurance, you should purchase insurance from a licensed insurance company, or through a licensed insurance agency or broker.

If you do not purchase Value Protection, our liability is subject to the limitations described in our Terms of Service. Under our Terms of Service, LugLess has very limited liability for your shipment, unless you purchase Value Protection.

How to Purchase Value Protection
If you want Value Protection, you must purchase it from LugLess before your shipment is tendered to the ‎common carrier (the “Carrier”) for transport. Value Protection increases LugLess’ maximum potential liability for your suitcase, box or case (hereinafter each an “Item” and collectively “Items”) to amounts you elect, starting at $100 dollars. If you do not purchase Value Protection, then our liability is limited as provided by our Terms of Service. You should carefully review these Terms of Value Protection (these “Terms”) to be certain that your Items  are eligible for inclusion, and to understand the terms offered by Value Protection. By accepting these Terms, you do so on behalf of yourself and on behalf of all parties with any interest in the shipment. 

Eligible Items
All Items are eligible for Value Protection, subject to the exclusions described in these Terms, except where prohibited by applicable law.

Liability Limits
Value Protection does not cover the first $100 of your loss which may be covered by our Terms of Service.  The amount of any claim for Value Protection must be supported by documentation, including proof of loss, reasonably satisfactory to Lugless. LugLess has no liability for any value in excess of the amount of Value Protection you purchase.LugLess’ acceptance of items with a value exceeding this amount ‎does not constitute a waiver of any provision of these Terms.‎

Scope of Liability
If you purchase Value Protection, our liability is limited to the Item’s repair cost, its depreciated value, or its replacement cost, whichever is less, for the physical loss and/or damage to your Item in the course of transit, subject to ‎the conditions, limitations, and exclusions of these Terms, in excess of $100 and up to the amount you purchase. The amount of Value Protection for your Item is not automatic, and you will be required to prove ‎the actual damage or loss value. Value Protection does not cover any losses or consequential damages that ‎result from a damaged, ‎missing, or delayed Item.‎


  1. Duration
    Value Protection commences when an Item enters the possession of the Carrier and remains in effect until the sooner of: (i) delivery of an Item to a destination address, (ii) an Item that is held for pickup at a Carrier location is collected, (iii) 7 days after an Item becomes available for pickup at a Carrier location, or (iii) return of an undeliverable Item to its origin address.  LugLess has no liability for losses or damages to Items left unattended while ‎waiting for pickup or after delivery.  A signature is not required for delivery.‎
  2. Shipping Containers
    Value Protection does not cover any damage to exterior shipping containers, cases, bins, boxes, or similar, except unboxed luggage including suitcases, ski, snowboard, golf travel cases (“Container”).  Value Protection coverage is limited to a maximum of $200 for any Container.  Contents of a Container are subject to the maximum liability of Value Protection, reduced by the amount of any claim for any Container.  LugLess has no liability for damage or loss of protruding parts of a Container such as wheels, straps, pockets, pull handles, hanger hooks, buckles, broken zippers as a result of over packing, or wear and tear resulting from ordinary handling.  LugLess has no liability for cosmetic damage to a Container including scratches, dents, dirt, ink, stains or residue left behind from tape, stickers or packing materials.
  3. Packaging
    You are responsible for properly packing your Item for transport.  Improper, inadequate or otherwise unsuitable packaging, packing, or preparation of any Item including but not limited to overpacking, using structurally insufficient or compromised cardboard boxes or plastic bins, and inadequate protection around and between Item contents voids Value Protection, and relieves LugLess of all liability for resulting damage. LugLess will have no liability for Items or contents that are inadequately packaged and subsequently damaged.
  4. Goods
    Not all goods are eligible for Value Protection.  LugLess Value Protection covers the shipment of only clothing and sports equipment.  Loss of or damage to other goods are excluded from coverage including, but not limited to:

    1.  Electronics: Any electrically powered device including computers, monitors, televisions, cell phones, range finders, appliances, photographic and audio equipment
    2. Fragile: Any good with fragile qualities or temperature sensitivity including glassware, china, crystal, porcelains, furniture, musical instruments
    3. Valuables: Any jewelry, watches, precious metals, bullion, coins, gemstones, furs, collectables, souvenirs, memorabilia, heirlooms
    4. Works of art: Any work created or developed by the application of skill, taste or creative talent for sale, display or collection
    5. Documents: Any cash, cash equivalents, stamps, contracts, tickets, gift cards, deeds, notes, securities, accounts receivable, books, manuscripts
    6. Prohibited: Any goods prohibited by LugLess including contraband, illicit goods, fish meal, nuclear fuel and substances
    7. Other: All Disallowed Goods described in the Terms of Service
  5. Nondelivery
    In the event that your Item or its contents are not delivered, you will only be eligible to file a claim with LugLess after you make a reasonable effort to locate missing items within the Carrier network.  This includes, but is not limited to, opening a formal investigation with the Carrier within 48 hours of the selected delivery date, providing them with a detailed description of the missing items, and allowing them sufficient time to complete their investigation.
  6. Excluded Risks
    Loss or damage resulting from or attributable to the following are excluded:
    1. war risks or terrorism;
    2. radioactive contamination;
    3. delay, whether or not caused by an insured peril;
    4. improperly packaged liquids or gels that leak and damage surrounding items;
    5. improperly or over-packed Items;
    6. temperature variation;
    7. fraud or infidelity by you, the shipper or consignee;
    8. misrepresentation / false information by you, the shipper or consignee;
    9. cyber attacks;
    10. illicit trade;
    11. capture, seizure, arrest or detainment of goods by public authority;
    12. rust, oxidation, discoloration, scratching, marring, denting, chipping and/or electrical or mechanical derangement to used goods, whether or not caused by an insured peril; and
    13. Consequential and indirect damages, such as loss of market, depreciation, or diminution in value as a result of repair.

Claim Reporting Process and Limitations
Value Protection claims must be submitted electronically at www.lugless.com.  Only one claim may be filed for each Item with a unique tracking number. Falsifying or otherwise fraudulently submitting claim information will prosecuted to the fullest ‎extent possible by applicable law.‎ 

  1. Loss Verification
    In the event of a loss, you will be required to provide proof of loss and proof of value, which may be requested in the form of pictures, receipts, or website links to items of like or kind.
  2. Timeframe
    Claims must be submitted to LugLess within either (i) 15 days from the date of delivery of your Item or (ii) 30 days from the expected delivery date of your Item in the event of a nondelivery.  Your claim will be closed without payment if you fail to complete the Loss Verification process within 14 days from the date your claim is opened.
  3. Original Packaging
    You must retain all original packaging including the Container until the claim process is complete.  LugLess may require pictures of packaging and LugLess reserves the right to inspect packaging to verify that your Item was adequately packaged.
  4. Determination of Liability
    LugLess will determine its Value Protection liability based on information you provide during the claim process.  The final determination of liability will be at the sole discretion of the LugLess in accordance with these Terms.  Regardless of the value of your Item, LugLess’ liability for loss, damage or nondelivery will not exceed the Item’s  repair cost, its depreciated value, or its replacement cost, whichever is less, subject to the maximum liability amount and exclusions described in these Terms.
  5. Claim Payment
    You will be paid the amount of LugLess’ liability determined in accordance with these Terms.  To expedite the claim process, LugLess offers electronic payment by Venmo, PayPal or a LugLess account  credit.  LugLess does not make payments for Value Protection claims by check or payment card.  Customers with an outstanding balance on their LugLess account will not be paid for any claim until the outstanding balance is paid in full.

You have no right to assign any right under our Terms of Service or Value Protection, and any other attempt to assign any such right shall be null and void.‎

LugLess reserves the right to update these Terms and to publish such changes on www.lugless.com at any time.

Effective Date:  January 20, 2022
Last updated: August 22, 2022