Who brings the most baggage to your Thanksgiving? 

Thanksgiving brings out the family baggage like no other holiday. Who's the worst Turkey Day offender at your table? We've collected eleven gems that might show up at your feast. Vote for the most dreaded guest, share your pick on social media, and be entered to win a $200 LugLess credit.

Vote and share for a chance to win a $200 LugLess credit.


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The basement dweller

He still lives with his parents, is a prolific gamer...and single.

The know-it-all

He's a (volunteer) Wikipedia editor, so he has all of the answers. Even if you didn't ask.

The worldly one

He spent one semester in Barthhhelona. Everything is sooo much better in Europe.

The influencer

Smile! This #thanksgiving is going to be live-streamed on the 'gram.

The inquisitor

She has a lot of questions. Like, when you're finally going to get married.

The intellectual

He read it in The New Yorker last week and you didn't. Just so you know.

The potluck bandit

He may arrive empty handed, but always leaves with all of the best leftovers.

The one upper

Cool story. That same exact thing happened to him, but it was waaaay worse.

Miss mentionitis

She has a new boyfriend. He doesn't like turkey, so he's not here. But he's def real.

The pundit

He watches all of the Sunday shows. He has opinions. Lots of them.

The vegan

She won't be eating any turkey. Did she mention that she's vegan?

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