HuffPo: LugLess Founder “Eaten Alive”

All press is good press, right guys? …guys? Spoiler alert: Shark Tank didn’t go exactly as planned, but LugLess founder Brian Altomare sat down with The Huffington Post to relive getting “eaten alive” on Shark Tank…or something like that. HuffPo wasn’t a whole lot easier on Brian than the Sharks, but he makes the point…

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Shark Tank: LugLess

shark tank luggage shipping

LugLess featured on Season 4 of Shark Tank No spoiler alerts here, check your local listings for reruns of Shark Tank Season 4, Episode 26. You’ll see LugLess founder, Brian Altomare, get in “the tank” and swim with the Sharks. We can tell you this: The Sharks are a tough bunch. But, they also are…

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Business Insider: LugLess ‘More Convenient’

LugLess Could Be The Heavy Packer’s Answer To Outrageous Baggage Fees This article, originally published in 2012, highlights the pros and cons of using LugLess instead of checking bags on your flight. Business insider notes that “LugLess hopes to give customers a more convenient and less costly means of transporting their extra baggage.” According to…

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