• Shipping Luggage is Made Easy!

    Shipping luggage with LugLess is now easier than ever for travelers who are fed up with ridiculous airline baggage fees, crowded check in and baggage claim areas, lost luggage, TSA, long and annoying security lines, and the overall nightmare of travelling with baggage.

  • Place Orders

    Shipping luggage with LugLess starts by placing your order online or by phone. Our online order process is simple and easy to use. Choose the type of luggage you need shipped, tell us the dates you need it there by, and provide pickup and delivery address information. You can pay online using a credit card during the secure checkout process.

  • Receive Luggage Tags

    We'll send you a packet in the mail or via UPS/FedEx that arrives before your luggage needs to be picked up. The packet contains everything you need to get your luggage picked up and delivered safely and with ease. You'll receive reusable luggage tags and shipping labels that you can affix to each piece of your luggage.

  • Pickup and Delivery

    We will come to your residence, place of work, or hotel during the scheduled time window to pick up and deliver your luggage to your end destination. We provide you with a tracking number and our staff monitors your luggage throughout the process to make sure it arrives on time. If you are staying at a hotel for your trip, we will coordinate the pickup with hotel staff to make the trip that much more enjoyable and hassle-free. LugLess service is available in any town, city, and state in the United States and more than 235 countries worldwide. Shipping luggage is a better alternative than traveling with your luggage, allowing you to travel lighter, smarter, and happier!

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Carry On Bag
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75lbs / 35kg
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50lbs / 22kg
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