10 Stress-Free Travel Hacks

stress-free travel

Wander without worrying

Exploring a new city. Hiking through one of our national parks. Chilling at your favorite beach. Your vacation is your chance to leave the world behind and focus on unforgettable experiences. But whatever your vacay style may be, there’s one common challenge: creating a stress-free travel experience.

We’ve got you! Take the stress out of your vacation and enjoy tranquil travels with these awesome hacks for a smooth, serene vacation.

  • Plan and organize ahead of time

    Stress-free travel begins early. And we mean “in the planning stages” early.

    Give your vacation a smooth start by giving yourself enough time to plan your next adventure, especially flights and accommodations.

    Research your vacation spot, decide what your “can’t-miss” activities are, and book them ahead of time.

  • Use travel apps

    Speaking of trip prep, travel apps are a great resource for planning, especially location-based ones like Yelp!

    Plus you’ll have easy access to everything from plane tickets to dinner reservations, without having to scroll through endless emails for a confirmation number.

  • Power up devices the night before

    Is there anything more stressful than watching your phone slowly dying?

    Sure, most airports have outlets and charging stations available. The only problem is, everyone else wants to use them, too.

    Charge all your electronic devices the night before your trip, to avoid scrambling for chargers and outlets while you’re traveling.

  • Give yourself plenty of time

    You never know what traffic will be like, so give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport and make your way to the gate.

    Arriving at the airport early alleviates any stress about missed flights. And while you’re waiting, there’s always the airport bookshop (or bar, your call).

  • Bring snacks and water

    Dehydration can cause stress, and we alllll know what it’s like to get hangry. Keep your mood light and happy and enjoy stress-free travel by having plenty of snacks and water on hand.

    Pro Tip: To avoid high airport prices, bring your favorite goodies and a refillable water bottle.

  • Join TSA pre-check

    Is there anything more stressful than standing in a loooong line when you just want to get on the plane?! We don’t think so, either.

    Speed up the security process and breeze through airport security lines by getting pre-approved for TSA PreCheck.

    Most travelers get approved for TSA pre-check in 3-5 days, but give yourself extra time just in case.

  • Unpack

    Being surrounded by visual clutter and having to rummage through a suitcase every morning? Ummm, that’s not stress-free travel!

    When you get to your hotel or Airbnb, unpack. Hang up your clothes, organize your toiletries in the bathroom, and stash your suitcase in the closet.

  • Schedule downtime

    We get it; you want to maximize your vacation days and squeeze every last minute of fun from your vacation. But if you overplan every minute, you’ll just feel rushed, frazzled, and super stressed.

    Leave free time in your schedule to explore an interesting side street, linger over coffee, or decompress by the hotel pool.

  • Practice self-care

    Prioritize self-care during your trip. Stay hydrated, stretch your muscles, and get plenty of fresh air.

    And make sure you’re getting enough sleep—even if you need to add a nap or two after enjoying the local nightlife.

  • Give yourself a buffer

    No matter how relaxing your vacation was, when you get home you guys will have to do… stuff. Unpack, do laundry, grab groceries; you guys know the drill!

    End your trip as stress-free as you started it by giving yourself a day to decompress. Spend your last vacation day at home so you can get it all done, at your pace, and still get to bed early for work the next day.

Ready to zen out on your next vacation? These stress-free travel hacks will help you relax your body, recharge your mind, and restore your spirit.

And we’ve saved our biggest tip for last! For a truly stress-free trip, ship your stuff to your hotel or Airbnb with LugLess. Skip the hassles of lugging your suitcases around, eliminate any worries about lost luggage, and enjoy your vacation from smooth start to blissful finish!