3 Smart Tips for Packing for a Fall Trip to New England


Stunning hiking trails, fall festivals, and cozy inns with a fireplace… Let’s be honest: there’s no place quite like New England when it comes to enjoying the season. From fabulous foliage to charming towns, there’s oh-so-much to see and do.

But you’ll need more than just hiking shoes and a jacket if you want to go enjoy your getaway! Our guide to packing for a fall trip to New England includes everything you need to enjoy your autumn adventure.

  • For handling the weather

    Packing for a fall trip to New England is enough to make your head spin!

    The temperatures have a tremendous range, anywhere from the 30s and 40s overnight to as warm as the 60s during the day. And the weather is downright unpredictable. Mild, sunny days or wet, chilly days… and usually both—in the same week!

    Your best bet for being comfy? Bring plenty of layers so you have options.

    On top:

    – Long-sleeve shirts to wear close to your body
    – Lightweight sweaters for layers
    – At least one thicker sweater or hoodie, just in case
    – A waterproof jacket to keep you warm and dry

    On the bottom:

    – Your favorite jeans, leggings, or hiking pants
    – Thin, snug thermals to wear under them
    – Warm socks

    Then pack your favorite warm accessories. Scarves, gloves, and hats can bring your outfits to the next level and keep you warm. It’s a fashion win-win!

    And one last concession to the weather – bring a small travel umbrella. You don’t want a rainy day to leave you stuck indoors on vacay!

  • For peeping the foliage

    The draw of the stunning red and orange leaves is impossible to resist. Whether you’re hiking, walking, or just… sauntering, what you wear can make a tremendous difference in how much you enjoy your leafing!

    The first thing you’ll want to remember when packing for a fall trip to New England is that you’ll be walking… a lot. So you want your feet to be happy! Thick, warm (preferably wool) socks and sturdy, comfortable walking shoes are an absolute must. And since rain or even early-season snow is always a possibility, waterproof shoes are ideal.

    You’ll want to capture some Insta-worthy pics of your leaf-peeping excursions, so make sure your phone is fully charged. If you plan to be out all day, bring a portable charger along. Or be a rebel and bring a real camera. We promise you, New England in the fall is worth it.

    Pro Tip: Whatever you do, no new boots! The last thing you want is to get blisters on the first day of your trip.

  • For exploring that cute downtown

    It’s not quite a Hallmark movie… or is it?

    New England is dotted with highly walkable downtowns just waiting for you to explore. If you’re spending the day walking around, bring a lightweight daypack or backpack. It’ll hold your snacks, water bottle, and any layers you shed as the day warms up. Plus souvenirs: local maple syrup, anyone?

    These adorable towns may not have the dress code that some of the bigger cities do, but you might feel a little underdressed if you wear jeans to dinner. When you’re packing for a fall trip to New England, bring some dressier options, too.

    Merino wool dress pants are a great choice for anyone. Paired with a dress shirt or pretty blouse, you’ll fit in anywhere. Ladies can also opt for a maxi skirt, with tights underneath for added warmth. Throw on a nicer sweater and you’ll fit right in at that charmingly cozy restaurant!

Ready to peep leaves and enjoy the brisk weather? New England’s fall charms are waiting, and these items will make your trip feel like a breeze… a crisp, fall breeze, that is!

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