3 Smart Tips for Packing for a Ski Trip to the Northeast

packing for a ski trip to the northeast

Planning a frosty escape? The unique terrains and unpredictable weather in Vermont, Maine, New York, and nearby mountains offer a winter wonderland where the slopes are as exciting as the après-ski. But have no fear; with our easy-to-follow tips for packing for a ski trip to the Northeast, your suitcase will be prepped for every twist and turn.

Here’s everything you need to know before you zip up your bags and head off to the slopes.

  • Plan for the right weather

    You guys already know that skiing equals cold-weather clothes but packing for a ski trip to the Northeast gets a little more complicated, thanks to its unique weather.

    Although the thermometer reading might be lower in the Northeast, so are the mountain chains. Plus, while resorts like Vail tend to be consistently cold, the Northeast is known for its fluctuations—mild one week and then f-f-f-f-freezing if a Nor’easter comes through!

    What does this mean for you? Well, it might officially be colder, but it won’t feel as cold when you ski in the Northeast.

    Be prepared to shed layers as the day progresses, but pack these three layers just in case.

    Your base layer, the one closest to your body. You’re going to sweat while you ski, so you’ll want moisture-wicking leggings, shirts, and socks to keep you warm and dry on the slopes. Thermals will make you guys happy!

    A middle layer for extra warmth. Opt for sweatpants or fleece-lined leggings on your bottom half; on top, go for sweatshirts or jackets in fleece, down, or light wool. On milder days or mid-day runs, this is the layer that you can skip.

    The outer layer that protects you from the elements. Waterproof, windproof, with a jacket that’s easy to unzip if you get warm while skiing.

  • Be stylish off the slopes

    Après-ski glam is where it’s at, you guys!

    Most of the Northeast ski resorts are just a short drive from major cities like New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. This proximity makes them popular weekend getaways for urban residents, whether it’s for skiing or for slope-side fun.

    Leave the loungewear at home if you’re planning to “see and be seen” during your ski trip. Instead, you’ll want to toss some of your seriously stylish “going out” clothes into your suitcase when you start packing for a ski trip to the Northeast.

    But make sure you balance out looking amazing with staying warm!

    Dark jeans and a nice sweater or crisp dress shirt will look good almost anywhere you go, from the ski lodge to a cocktail bar. Ladies, you also have the option to highlight your personal winter skirt and sweater or dress with leggings or tights and a pair of chic boots.

    Pro Tip: Worried about overpacking? No worries, Even your bulky winter clothes can be squeezed into your suitcase if you pack them right.

  • Grab your gear

    The key to a successful ski trip is to have all the right “stuff” with you.

    Sure, you can buy most stuff on the mountain, but prices will be higher and options might be limited. So when you’re packing for a ski trip to the Northeast, don’t forget these basics.

    For skiing:
    – Goggles—protect your peepers!
    – Insulated, waterproof gloves for the slopes, lighter leather or knit gloves for off the slopes
    – A neck gaiter, because scarves can unwind and fly around
    – Sunscreen and chapstick with SPF; that sun is fierce when it reflects on the mountain
    Knee-high socks, to protect your skin from chafing or blisters from ski boots

    For fun:
    – Foot massage cream, which will feel so good after wearing ski or snowboarding boots all day
    – Cards, dice, or travel games, especially if you’re splitting an Airbnb or suite with your ski pals
    – A portable speaker
    – Snacks! Because skiing burns up a ton of calories.

Are you excited for snowy adventures on the slopes? With our packing tips, you’ll be packed and primed for an awesome ski vacation!

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