5 Steps to Planning a Couple’s Trip Your Boyfriend Will Love

couple's trip

Our top tips for a fun getaway you’ll both enjoy

Looking for ways to reconnect with your boyfriend? A couple’s trip is a great way to slow things down and spice them up! Think: no demands from work, no friends with plans, no housework. Just the two of you, falling a little more in love each day while having the time of your lives playing tourist.

But before you book your vacay with your boyfriend, there are some things you should keep in mind if you want this to be successful. Here are our best tips for an absolutely awesome couple’s getaway.

  • Be transparent about budgets

    We get it; talking about money isn’t romantic. But for a successful couple’s trip, it’s important to be in sync financially.

    If you’re splitting costs equally, discuss how much each person is comfortable contributing. Or, decide who will be paying for what—hotel rooms, meals, activities, etc.

    This is especially important during the planning stage since it can help you decide where you’re going, where you’re staying, and what you’ll be doing there.

  • Compromise interests

    Sure, you can book an uber-romantic weekend getaway for a fancy wine tasting trip to Napa… but only if your boyfriend loves wine as much as you do. After all, the whole trip is meant for the two of you to bond as a couple.

    If he loves skiing and you swoon for fancy dinners, opt for an upscale resort such as Aspen. If he’s a huge golfer and you’re in the mood for a spa day, check out Scottsdale.

    As for that Napa Valley trip? How about exploring Muir Woods, checking out street art, or catching a 49ers’ game, then taking a one-day winery tour?

    It’s all about making compromises!

  • Schedule time off

    Ever heard someone say they need a vacation after their vacation? Chances are, they forgot to pencil in downtime.

    It’s easy to get carried away and end up overplanning when you’re going on a fun couple’s trip with your boyfriend. But trust us, having every moment of the day accounted for is stressful.

    Build in extra time wherever you can. So if your golf game goes longer than expected, you’ll still make dinner reservations. Or, if you come across a cute cafe, you can stop and people-watch without feeling like you have to rush off to yet another activity.

    Pro Tip: Give yourselves permission to get a later start in the morning. There’s nothing like sleeping in the day after a brewery tour!

  • Discuss social media expectations

    If you’ve already had the DTR talk and you’re “official,” then you’re probably pretty familiar with each other’s social media styles. And, hopefully, you’re pretty in tune with one another.

    But if one of you prefers to keep things low-key while the other is big on sharing? Find a way to meet in the middle. Maybe it’s by limiting the number of photos per day. Or, just have one photo dump after.

    However you decide to handle your socials, though, try to be present. That means no constant check-ins or endless selfies. Put your phones away and live in the moment.

  • Splurge on one great experience

    How to have an amazing time and stay within your couple’s trip budget? Splurge on one amazing experience, and save everywhere else.

    Whether it’s an extravagant “chef’s table” meal in NYC or an amazing sunset cruise in Hawaii, find the one thing you’d both be absolutely thrilled to do, and go for it.

    Pro Tip: Search through Groupon (or other coupon sites) for the city you’re visiting. You’ll save on experiences, meals, and even airport transfers.

  • Bonus tip: remember to have fun!

    Having fun is the most important part of your couple’s trip! That means laughing it off when something (inevitably) goes awry.

    Have some backup plans and go with the flow.

Ready for a fun, romantic getaway with your boyfriend? With these tips in mind, you can plan a stress-free couple’s trip that will leave him feeling over-the-top loved and appreciated.

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