5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Traveling can pretty easily take its toll on you. Between rushing to get to the airport on time, to making sure there’s enough space in the overhead bin for your carry on (or forced to gate check it, ugh!), it can be exhausting. Sometimes you may end up feeling just as “meh” after your trip as you did when you were catching your initial flight.

Here’s 5 tips on how to stay healthy and happy when you travel so you don’t feel like a mishandled suitcase at baggage claim by the end of your trip.

  • Get plenty of sleep

    This sounds like a no-brainer, but think of all the times you’ve procrastinated packing until the night before and ended up staying up much later than you planned. Packing ahead of time and making sure you get a solid night’s sleep will make you feel much more at ease when you travel. Don’t convince yourself to settle for that broken airplane sleep that makes your neck hurt by the end of it.

  • Stay hydrated

    Don’t count on the drink cart to keep you hydrated. Feeling faint in an enclosed space is not too comfortable, and once your flight takes off, it’s hard to get your hands on anything other than a mini water bottle.

    Bring a reusable water bottle with you and fill it up after going through security or be prepared to pay a hefty amount at the food court terminal, and you’ll be set for the entire airline / airport trip.

  • Wash your hands and bring mini hand sanitizer

    Between sitting on communal chairs at your gate, touching various service desk counters or restaurant tables, there are lots of germs circling around you in an airport. Here are CDC’s best tips for effective handwashing. And when you can’t wash your hands right away, squirt a little hand sanitizer on your hands and rub away those potential unwanted germs.

  • Eat healthy and exercise

    “Travel brain” is a real thing for many people. New experiences, new people, and new places have a tendency to take us off our daily regiments. While it is very healthy to break from your daily routine to fully experience something memorable, don’t sacrifice your physical health or you’ll be paying for it once the trip is over!

    Make sure to continue getting all the nutrients you get at home and find new ways to exercise when you travel.  Since not everyone can always get to the gym or go for their morning run, try these creative approaches from the Travel Channel to get in your daily steps while still enjoying something new.

  • Minimize the baggage you’re carrying with you

    You’ve probably never heard anyone say “the more the merrier” when it comes to hauling baggage through an airport. It never feels good to be crushed under the weight of all your bags as you’re getting to and from your destination. Not to mention paying hefty airline baggage fees for the luxury of lugging your own luggage.

    LugLess is the best and easiest way to take care of this so you can have both of your hands free. Our low cost replacement to baggage fees helps remove one major stress for most travelers: their physical baggage.

Staying healthy on your trip is key to making the whole travel experience worthwhile. There’s nothing worse than being sick in a new, unfamiliar place – especially if it causes you to miss out on all of the exciting things you had planned! The good news is that staying healthy isn’t hard if you follow these simple steps.