Fupping: Avoid All the Hassle and Use LugLess!

Fupping was nice enough to include LugLess in a piece called 8 Handy Game-Improving Gadgets For Golfers. Is LugLess a gadget? Not so much, but shipping your clubs can probably be game-improving.

“LugLess will ship your golf clubs to their final destination for much less than traditional checked baggage fees — as little as $15 — and eliminate the strain of dragging them from car to airline terminal, waiting in the check-in line, pulling them up to the counter, shelling out the fifty bucks minimum for privilege of having them tossed in with the rest of the airline’s bags, then tracking them down in the “oversized” bit at your destination. Avoid all the hassle and use LugLess!”

Have a look at the other seven gadgets, that are actual gadgets.

8 Handy Game-Improving Gadgets For Golfers