Is it cheaper to ship your luggage?

Ten years ago, this question would leave a lot of people scratching their heads. Until 2008, checking two bags with all major airlines was free…or at least included in the price of your ticket. How quaint that seems now that checking two bags will cost you $140 round trip on all major airlines. Have a third or fourth bag? Be prepared to pony up $150+ each way for each bag!

With the cost of checking your bags at the airport on the rise, let’s have a closer look: Is cheaper to ship your luggage instead?

  • Shipping one bag: Save up to $15

    If you can’t quite cram all of your stuff into a carry-on, shipping a check-in sized bag directly to your destination is a great option. In addition to saving a few bucks, you’re going to love breezing through the airport and snickering at all of the rookies waiting at baggage claim.

    The price to ship your bag with LugLess will vary based on the size of your bag, the distance of the shipment and how fast you want it delivered.

  • Shipping two bags: Save up to $35

    Shipping two bags will cost more than one, but not twice as much. Airlines, on the other hand, charge MORE for the second bag than they do for the first!

    Here’s the other thing, if you haul two bags to the airport, you have zero hands left to do stuff like hold your phone or a cocktail.

  • Shipping three bags: Save up to $162

    Here’s where shipping bags really gets good. Again, the cost to add a third bag to your luggage shipment costs less than the first two bags. But airlines will ding you for $150!These fees are generally per bag for each of your third and additional bags. So, think twice before checking multiple bags!

U.S. airlines charged travelers more than $4.6 billion in checked baggage fees last year, led by American, Delta and United. So, there has been no better time to ask yourself “Is it cheaper to ship luggage?” And the short answer is: Probably.

LugLess is making the process easier, less expensive, and more flexible with our dynamic pricing that makes sure you pay as little as possible for your shipment. If you want to avoid the cost and hassle of checking your bag, ship your luggage instead!