Overstuffed carry-on bags are becoming a safety hazard for passengers

So you’ve purchased basic economy airline tickets for an upcoming flight for an intimate beach vacation with your partner (your in-laws are watching the kids; phew, all that work actually paid off last Thanksgiving keeping the family peace). 

Money is tight so you both decided to save on the flight perks in order to live it up on the beach for a week sans responsible parenting duties. 

Since you are staying at a beach resort and need minimal clothes you pack one checked bag for the both of you to avoid an additional hefty baggage fee.  That leaves you both cramming as much as humanly possible in your two free carry-ons with the airline. 

What if we told you that, even without your little ones present, flying these days can actually be a full contact sport with regards to overstuffed carry on bags in the overhead bins? I know, this is not where you thought this article was going but it’s important to be aware that, these days, everyone and their brother are carrying on more and more bags vs. checking a bag given the steep prices the airlines charge and the ultra low cost for basic economy fares. 

Here is a pro tip from us to be aware of as you prepare for your relaxing vacation that is quickly coming up. 

Be aware of your surroundings when boarding the plane and finding or leaving your seat.

In the era of basic economy flights and carry-on bags vs. checking a bag given those pesky and expensive fees, flight attendants no longer are focused solely on your safety but more on handling passenger carry-on items and acting like a 3rd grade school teacher pleading (to no avail) with passengers to use the overhead bins near their seats. 

And in some cases, forcing some passengers to check their carry-on bag given it will not fit or there is no longer any space in the overhead bins for the flight. Get ready for some sort of pre-flight altercation. 

As a direct result of many people cramming as much as possible in their carry-on bags there are many new incidents of heavy bags falling on passengers during and after the flight. So, as you place your bag in the overhead bin make sure to check all the surrounding overhead bins to ensure everyone has followed the unwritten rules and securely placed their bags (no loose, possibly dangerous items – heavy or sharp edges) that could ruin that beach vacation before you get there. 

Here is some data presented in a recent Quartz article around the safety hazards from overstuffed carry-on bags to learn more on the subject.

Or, completely avoid this carry-on scenario and ship your luggage ahead of time

While LugLess can’t help others follow safety precautions we can definitely help free both your arms and hands so you can be like an overhead bin ninja and deflect any falling items from those overstuffed carry-on bags and items.