Sebastian Maniscalo: Checking In at the Airport

Popular comedian, Sebastian Maniscalco, really made us laugh at LugLess this week when someone sent us a clip of his comedy bit around checking bags at the airport. We literally fell off our chairs at the office.

Now, granted, he’s a comedian so he’s pointing out things we otherwise don’t make fun of, but he really does nail the frustration of many travelers that are fed up with airline checked baggage fees through humor.

If you watch this clip and don’t laugh and fall off your own chair then maybe LugLess is not for you. Most of our travelers utilize our luggage shipping service because they are trying to avoid airline baggage fees and the hassle associated with them. Through a hyperbole airport scene Sebastian Maniscalco NAILS it and points out through his rant that baggage fees are pretty ridiculous these days.

Sometimes it takes a funny comedian to call out what we all know to be true: that airline baggage fees are a problem and companies need to solve it for all travelers that get on a flight.

We hope you enjoy this funny clip from Sebastian Maniscalco and that LugLess can be part of making your day (traveling or not) a much better, funnier day.