Take Control of Shipments with FedEx and UPS Delivery Tools

Did you know that both UPS and FedEx have tools that can help you track and manage your shipments? If you want to be able to do more than just monitor your tracking, these tools can help you take full control of your shipment and delivery for free!

You can sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager and UPS MyChoice for free, although both offer some features that may have an additional fee to use.. It’s an easy way to get the most accurate, up-to-date, in depth information about your shipment right from the carrier! Check out the benefits:

How does FedEx Delivery Manager work?

It is free to sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager, which allows you to closely track your shipment and request changes at your convenience. Here’s the best perks of signing up:

  • Get text updates directly from FedEx on your shipment.
  • Provide FedEx with specific delivery instructions for how your shipment should be handled upon delivery.
  • Make changes to your shipment, such as requesting an address change, requesting a delivery date change, and scheduling a specific delivery time. Fees for these changes start at $5.55.
  • Request a “vacation hold,” which allows your items to be held at a FedEx location for up to 14 days.
  • Request “hold for pickup” at a FedEx location after your shipment is sent.
How does UPS MyChoice work?

UPS MyChoice gives you the ability to monitor your shipment from start to finish, with options to edit your shipment along the way. Here are the top benefits:

  • Receive alerts for your shipment and its tracking.
  • Make edits to your delivery and request specific delivery times.
  • Leave delivery instructions for your driver.
  • Track your delivery truck on a live map.
  • A paid Premium plan that offers address changes, confirmed delivery window, and delivery on another day.
  • The free Member plan offers basic delivery management services but certain requests come with a fee.

So, if you’re eagerly awaiting your luggage delivery, or need to make a last-minute change to your address, these delivery management tools are the fastest and easiest way to make these changes on your terms at a cost that works for you.

Using these programs can enhance your LugLess experience by keeping you even more informed while your luggage is shipping. Our support coupled with these delivery management tools will make you feel like you’re always in the loop! Shipping your luggage can’t get any easier.