The Gadget Flow: This Digital Shipping Label Helps You Transport Items Affordably While You Travel

The Gadget Flow, the original product discovery platform for staying up to date with the latest tech, gear, and most incredible crowdfunding campaigns covered LugLess recently and featured our latest innovation; the LugLess Digital Label.

The article discusses our low cost luggage shipping service, benefits of shipping with LugLess vs. checking bags with an airline, as well as covering our touch-free and frictionless travel experience with our new digital shipping label.

Inspired by the ways digital-first innovations have revolutionized how we live, work, and travel, LugLess Recently announced their new Digital Label™. It allows people to book, send, and track items with just their phone—no printer required.

Excerpt from the Gadget Flow article: This digital shipping label helps you transport items affordably while you travel

To read the full article and learn more about our latest innovation for luggage shipping check out The Gadget Flow’s feature on LugLess and how to travel by air without any luggage.