The Points Guy:10 Tips for Holiday Travel This Season

If you’ve decided to venture out and fly for the holidays, The Points Guy published an article with 10 tips for holiday travel that may be a helpful read. LugLess has been featured as one of those tips and we are happy to play our part this year to make flying a bit less stressful.

Excerpt from the article:

If checking your bags would subject you to oversized baggage fees, then shipping can be a smart decision. Try the site LugLess to price and purchase shipping for your belongings (or presents), whether you want DIY drop-off or doorstep pickup and delivery.

Despite a lot less travelers likely to be at the airport, with weather unpredictable, there may still be crowded terminals and crowded lines that could cause unexpected anxiety and tensions this year. So, one easy way to avoid a potential burden for holiday travel is to ship your luggage and holiday presents ahead time. Here’s a link to the full article by The Points Guy and their complete list of tips for holiday travel.