The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Multigenerational Vacation

multigenerational vacation

Making your trip enjoyable for all ages

Nothing brings people together quite like traveling. And a multigenerational vacation is a wonderful way of bridging age gaps and creating beautiful memories. Whether it’s a trip to visit the town where grandparents grew up or exploring a fun new city, everyone is sure to go home smiling.

But planning a trip that all the different age groups will enjoy does require a bit more planning. Here are some tips for making it an amazing experience for the entire group.

  • 1. Be clear about finances

    The planning process can include a variety of important decisions. One of the biggest is how much each person or family is willing and able to spend.

    Budget considerations are especially important if you’re traveling with seniors, who may be on a fixed monthly income. Even if it’s uncomfortable, make sure you discuss finances clearly, so everyone knows upfront what they’re expected to pay for.

  • 2. Choose a location with a variety of interests

    The key to a successful multigenerational vacation is choosing a destination that appeals to a variety of ages and interests.

    For example, if teenagers want to hit the beach and grandparents want cultural activities, you can find compromises such as Sarasota, FL—known for its crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, and home to top-notch theater, ballet, and opera companies.

    A bit of online research can help you find a destination that’ll be a hit with everyone!

  • 3. Find the right accommodations

    Not gonna lie: we love hotels and their room-service breakfasts!

    But a multigenerational vacation is all about spending time together, so it’s the perfect reason to choose an Airbnb property.

    Instead of each person going back to their own room at the end of the day, you get to spend quality time in common areas: cooking dinner together from treasured “secret” recipes, telling family stories, or binge-watching shows over a bowl of popcorn.

    That’s why you’re here, right?

  • 4. Plan some group activities

    Bonding with family is the whole reason you’re vacationing together, you guys! While you might not want to be glued to each other’s sides the entire time, make sure you plan simple activities that the whole group will enjoy.

    Choose simple outings such as going to the beach or a park. These allow multiple options (shade versus sun, reading a book versus playing catch), to allow for multiple preferences at once. Or, if you do all go to the same place (a museum or theme park), give smaller groups a chance to explore on their own.

    Pro Tip: if you’re with a larger group, make restaurant reservations so you can all be seated at the same (or adjoining) tables.

  • 5. But build in flexibility

    Here’s the flip side: no matter how “perfectly” you plan your location and activities, it’s going to be almost impossible to fill up your vacation with activities that every single person will enjoy.

    Be flexible and allow groups to go off on their own. Maybe younger kids need to let off energy at the park, while some older travelers would prefer to spend that time at a matinee show.

    A little time apart means everyone will be happier during the times spent together.

  • 6. Allow for downtime

    Vacations are for relaxing, and a multigenerational vacation should be no different.

    Avoid the temptation to do everyyyyything, so that people have time to catch up while doing…nothing. We promise you guys, some of your best vacation memories will take place around the kitchen table or across a deck of Uno cards!

  • 7. Respect schedules

    We’re not talking about rigid, down-to-the-minute schedules.

    It’s one thing to let teens stay up late and indulge in midnight snacks. But younger kids, especially babies and toddlers, will benefit from sticking to their usual nap and bedtime routines. And older family members might have their routines, too… give them that same leeway.

    Remember, it’s okay if respecting people’s schedules means doing some things apart. Everyone will be happier if early birds eat dinner at their usual time than if you push for a later meal, where sure, you’ll be together but they’ll hangry.

A multigenerational vacation is a wonderful way for the whole family to feel closer and more connected. Follow our tips, and a successful trip is practically guaranteed!

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