11 Superb Tricks for Planning a Girls’ Weekend on a Budget

girls' weekend

Bestie bonding that won’t break the bank

FaceTime, text, and snaps are all good, but let’s be honest: there’s nothing quite like reconnecting with your besties in person. But when finances are tight, spending your limited money on a girls’ weekend might feel frivolous, at best.

Luckily, your trip doesn’t have to be a huge wallet-buster. There are plenty of ways to save money on your girls-only getaway, and we’ve rounded up the best of them for you.

  • Discuss budgets

    As awkward as money convos can be, it’s important to decide as a group what your budget will be. This will help you narrow down where you’re going, where you’re staying, and what activities you’ll be spending money on.

    Make sure everyone is clear on money expectations, so no one feels forced to spend more than they can afford.

  • Set up flight alerts

    As soon as you and your girls have decided where and when you’re going for your girls’ weekend, start looking at flights. Travel planning apps and websites will allow you to set up alerts to notify you when prices drop, so you can book your trip for less.

  • Book early

    The best (and least expensive) flight and room options are the first to sell out. So the earlier you book, the more you save. Plus, the sooner you begin planning, the more time you’ll have to compare prices and find the best deals.

    Some excursions might sell out, too. If there’s anything you have your heart set on, book sooner rather than later.

  • Travel during shoulder season

    One of the best-kept money-saving travel tips is to plan your vacation during shoulder season—the months between high (or peak) season and low (or off) season. For the most part, this will be in September/October or May/June. While not as crowded and expensive as the high season, the weather is generally better than during the off-season.

  • Consider an airbnb

    When you’re traveling with a group of girlfriends, renting an Airbnb is a terrific option. Pool your money, and you can get a larger, more comfortable place for less than what you would have paid for separate hotel rooms. And you’ll all get to maximize your time together. Win-win!

  • B.Y.O. snacks

    Three meals a day in trendy restaurants? Pastries and treats from cute cafes? That adds up, and quickly. Save money by stocking up on snacks from the nearest grocery store. Pick items such as protein bars, which can easily replace breakfast or tide you over from brunch to dinner.

    Pro Tip: If you followed our tip above and rented an Airbnb, you can cook a delicious meal for a fraction of the price of eating out. Put on some tunes and groove out in the kitchen with your girl gang.

  • Choose one amazing experience

    In an exciting new city for your girls’ weekend? You probably want to see and do everything. But that might not be realistic…

    Is there an activity everyone wants to do, such as a snorkeling excursion, wine tasting tour, or headline concert? Set aside money for that adventure, and tighten your budget elsewhere.

  • Visit attractions early or late

    Planning to visit museums and other tourist sites? Check the pricing at different times of the day. Many museums charge half-price after 5 p.m., while other attractions might offer “early bird” pricing before noon.

  • Use deal sites

    If your plans are flexible, check out Groupon and other websites for local deals and coupons. You’ll score awesome deals for everything from spa services to tourist attractions to restaurants.

    You can also use food delivery apps to have pizza or snacks delivered for way less than you would have spent on another restaurant meal.

  • Enjoy the free stuff

    Thanks to Mother Nature, you can find something free in almost any vacation spot. Spend some time outdoors, whether it’s hiking, visiting a national park, or recharging at the beach.

    Or grab a local guidebook and design your own walking tour. You’ll get some exercise and see the city without spending money.

  • Ship your stuff

    One drawback to those cheap flights: you usually have to pay separately for your luggage. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. For less than the price of the average checked bag, you can ship your stuff to your Airbnb or hotel with LugLess. We’ll save you money and baggage claim hassles, both!

Longing for a budget-friendly trip with your besties? Get excited and start making plans… because thanks to these smart strategies, your next girls’ weekend can be fun and affordable!