How to Avoid Summer Travel Chaos

summer travel

Navigating airports and flights smoothly

Summer vacation, with the ocean at your feet and the sun on your shoulders. Sounds amazing, right? And it is… once you actually get there. Unfortunately, getting to your destination can be a challenge during the busy summer travel season. Think endless lines, delayed flights, and missing bags. Not exactly the vacation kick-off you’re dreaming of!

But the chaos at the airport doesn’t have to interrupt your down time. Here are our favorite strategies for avoiding travel hassles, so you can arrive at your destination relaxed and smiling!

  • Leave a day early

    Summer travel plans often revolve around special events. And while you might be tempted to save money on hotels by arriving the day of, that can backfire enormously if your flight gets in late.

    If you’re flying to an event that has a hard date, such as a wedding or cruise, book a flight that gets you there at least a day early. Then, if there’s a delay or your flight is rebooked for the next day, you’ll still be able to make it.

    Plus, an extra day to unwind after flying will put you in a better mindset to enjoy yourself.

  • Arrive early at the airport

    With kids out of school, summer is prime travel time for families. Instead of a few lone business travelers, expect the airport to be jam-packed with families.

    The result? From getting through airport security to dropping off luggage, expect long lines and even longer wait times. All of which leaves you nervously checking your watch, hoping you’ll make it to the gate on time.

    Do yourself a favor and head to the airport earlier than you need to, so you can remain unfazed by the long lines ahead of you.

  • Take the first flight of the day

    Flight delays have a domino effect. If even one of the flights that use your plane before you is running late, it’ll impact your flight. 15 minutes here, half an hour there throughout a long day, and suddenly the late afternoon/evening flights are delayed by hours—or even worse, canceled.

    Your best bet for making it out of town on time is to grab an early morning flight, before those flight delays start adding up and ruin your summer travel plans.

  • Allow plenty of time between flights

    Dealing with flight delays is stressful enough. But if you have to catch a second flight? That stress level just skyrocketed.

    The last thing you want to do is start or end your vacation with a mad dash through the airport. Or infinitely worse, have your first flight arrive after your second one has already taken off.

    To avoid the stress, allow yourself plenty of time between flights. You can always kill time at the airport bar or bookstore!

  • Don’t check bags

    It’s one of the most dreaded experiences when you’re traveling: watching as the number of suitcases on the baggage carousel slowly dwindles, but yours isn’t one of them.

    Let’s be honest; checking bags during summer travel can be a gamble. Lost bags, delayed bags, and bags that end up at a different destination are all a possibility.

    But you can say “good-bye” to your baggage woes and worries by shipping your stuff to your final destination with LugLess. Your bikinis, Hawaiian shirts, sandals, and everything else will be waiting for you when you land.

    Plus, if your flight is rerouted, you won’t have to worry about your luggage not making it on to the plane.

  • Be prepared for delays

    Despite all of our awesome advice, there’ll be times when airport chaos is just plain unavoidable. So just in case, it’s best to arrive at the airport prepared to wait.

    Eat before you head out and pack a few high-protein snacks, so you don’t have to buy overpriced airport treats. Bring chargers in your carry-on or personal items, even if your electronics are fully charged. If you’re traveling with kids, bring a handful of diversions: coloring books, a deck of cards, a favorite toy—whatever will keep them busy.

Traveling can be stressful any time of the year, but summer travel is especially hectic. Luckily, with the right planning, you can sidestep the airport chaos and hit “vacation mode” before your flight even takes off. Bon voyage, you guys!