5 Secrets to Having the Best Beach Vacation

best beach vacation

Your ultimate “fun in the sun” guide

Do the warm weather and long days have you daydreaming of clear waters and soft sand? We get it… when the mercury rises, so does the need to hit the beach! But if you want to have the best beach vacation ever, it’s gonna take more than just your fave bathing suit…

Whether you’re hitting a tourist hot spot or looking for a quiet hammock, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to make your beach vacay ah-mazing!

  • Choose the right beach

    Not all beaches are created equal! Different beaches have way different vibes. Think about what your ideal beach vacation includes, then do your research to find it.

    Here are some of our faves:

    Camping Beach: South Padre Island, TX
    Charming Beach Town: Hilton Head, NC
    Family Beach: Gulf Shores, AL
    History Buff’s Beach: Newport, RI
    Latin Flavor Beach: Miami, FL
    Surfer’s Beach: Huntington Beach (aka, Surf City), CA

    Whether you want a vibrant nightlife, amazing seafood, or lazy oceanfront days (or all 3!), there’s a beach out there for you!

  • Plan fun activities

    Believe it or not, working on your tan can get a bit boring after a few days. If you really want to have the best beach vacation, plan some fun outings throughout your trip.

    A quick Google search will give you an idea of what the area offers: kayaking, paddleboarding, surf lessons, snorkeling. Enjoy your fave water activity, or try out something completely new. Feeling brave? You might even be able to swim with sharks (cue the Jaws soundtrack!).

    And don’t forget to plan a few off-the-beach activities, too. Check into outings to nearby museums, try out a popular local restaurant, or just pack a deck of cards or travel-size board game. Perfect for unexpected rainy days—or if your skin just needs a break from Vitamin D.

  • Pack the right stuff

    Want the absolute best beach vacation? Then you’re going to have to bring all the right stuff! Your hotel or Airbnb will probably handle the big stuff: towels, chairs, maybe even a beach umbrella. The rest is on you.

    If you’re planning on spending long days by the water, you’ll want some entertainment. A portable speaker and a “beach tunes” playlist (don’t forget a waterproof phone cover!) will have you vibing all day. Prefer a quieter beach day? Bring a book or magazine.

    If you’re traveling with kids, a few sand toys and an inflatable beach ball will keep them happily occupied.

    And if you want to stay active, bring some sporting equipment. A frisbee, snorkeling gear, or even a kite will keep you moving while you enjoy your fun in the sun.

  • Use sun protection

    We all know this by now, right? SPF, SPF, and more SPF. Preferably, one that’s waterproof/sweatproof. Yes, even if you have a base tan. Yes, even if you “never” burn.

    And make sure you re-apply generously and frequently throughout the day, especially after you’ve been in the water. A sunburn will ruin even the best beach vacation!

    Besides your skin, also make sure you’re protecting your eyes. The sun’s rays can cause serious damage to your eyes, so grab a pair of oversized sunnies with UVA/UVB protection.

  • Drink your H20

    Long beach days? Stay hydrated! And no, the piña coladas at the beach bar don’t count. Alcohol will actually make you more dehydrated and more susceptible to sunburn.

    You guys need to drink the good stuff: water. And lots of it. The current recommendations are between .5 and 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight. Weigh 150 pounds? Then you should drink between 75 and 150 ounces of water a day. (For reference, one gallon of water = 128 ounces).

    Another option? Pack fruits and veggies with high water content. Cucumbers, watermelon, celery, apples, and berries are all yummy and water-rich.

    And keep in mind that you’ll be losing water to sweat, so err on the side of caution and drink (or eat!) a bit of extra H20.

  • Bonus Tip: ship your stuff

    We know we said five secrets, but we saved the best for last with our bonus tip!

    Skip the airport luggage hassle and ship your stuff to your hotel or Airbnb with LugLess. No hauling suitcases, no wasting precious beach time at baggage claim. We’ll make sure your beach gear gets there, and for less than the average cost of a checked bag. Lower cost, fewer hassles… just grab your sunnies and flash your boarding pass; your best beach vacation ever starts now!