MSN: Want to Cut the Stress on Your Next Trip? Then Download These Helpful Apps Before You Go

If you want to reduce your stress on your next trip, msn has a great article that is definitely worth a read. It originally appeared in USA TODAY and they picked up for their readers. LugLess gets a mention with the catchy phrase “lug a whole lot less” and discusses the service as a useful travel tool for those looking to avoid airline baggage fees, lugging ski gear, and oversized duffles around.

The MSN article also gives some smart tips to speed up the TSA process, ways to access better airline seats that aren’t advertised by the airlines, and better access and redemption of loyalty points through new apps like The Points Guy.

While LugLess is not officially an app, it is nice to be considered one, and we guess our booking process is as easy as an app to be listed here as a helpful tool to cut the stress on your next trip. You can read the full article, here.