3 Fun Socially Distanced Summer Vacation Ideas

All of your clever home based social distancing activities have been exhausted. Another Zoom dance party with friends just won’t suffice this weekend. You’ve been there, done that too many times this year already.

You’re eager to get away for a summer vacation with your close friends or family. But where to safely go and how to justify going on vacation and trekking through an airport or renting a vehicle and going on a summer road trip? Rest assured, we have you covered with 3 fun social distancing vacation ideas.

  • Golf in Nebraska (yes, Nebraska!)

    We know what you’re thinking, “Golfing in Nebraska?” Typically, when you think about golfing you think of Florida, Arizona, California, and parts of the Northeast for having the best courses. So did we. After some Google digging for more remote locations for great golf courses we found The Prairie Club in Valentine, Nebraska. One caveat is it’s not cheap but worth considering for a unique golfing and vacation experience.

    The Prairie Club has a few courses to play golf and multiple on-site dining restaurants as well as private dining on the actual prairie. They also have a few lodging accommodations on site and they range from single occupancy to dedicated cabins for 4 people. You can check staying, eating, and golfing on a prairie off your bucket list of places you’ve vacationed if you decide to go this route.

    If the Nebraska golf vacation idea is not for you, but you are trying to get away and golf this summer, there are plenty of other amazing golf courses to explore in America. Regardless of where you golf and stay, you’ll enjoy some fresh air, a few well earned mulligans, and a trip that has social distancing baked right into it with little effort on your part to stay 6 feet apart. If golf is not your idea of fun then here’s another social distancing vacation idea you may really like.

  • Stay, eat, drink on a boat

    Now, when we thought of this idea for a fun social distancing vacation we thought it would cost a fortune for this unique vacation experience. Not the case. Some of the top listings we found on Vrbo were as low as $100 a night. What was also cool is that the places you could stay ranged from obvious places like Florida to less frequent vacation spots in St. Louis.

    Many of the boats we found had amenities like air conditioning and Internet. A few of them even had fireplaces on board. What’s even cooler is some were on a dock and you could set up a tent and go camping there. What better way to vacation and social distance on a boat with a side of camping if that’s something you’ve ever wanted to do. Either staying on a lake, or on a bay near the ocean, you can also fish and even do water activities like kayaking, canoeing, waterskiing to name a few. Let your mind go wild with the possibilities of all the activities you can do there with your close friends or family.

    Given this is a bit off the beaten path as vacations go you may have to do your own digging on Google to find the ideal location and boat. But, hey, that’s part of the fun as you plan a trip. And, a boat is not just a boat. Each one has character and different, unique features that speak to you. So get to googling while at home and we promise you’ll appreciate the experience planning this legendary summer trip.

  • Rent an RV, stay wherever

    The time has come for you to finally rent that RV you’ve always talked about doing one day. What better season than summer to be on the open road and social distance in your own self-contained mobile hotel.

    You’ll be able to have your own bed, living room, kitchen, and your view can be whatever you set out to visit each day. One of the best perks of traveling by RV is you don’t have to head to an airport or worry about how much stuff you will bring. The RV experience provides you flexibility to reimagine your ideal vacation with everything from fishing poles, golf clubs, bikes, and even hitch your car to the back of it for day excursions once you’ve set up camp at a National park or campground.

    You can decide each day what types of activities you can do that allow you to stay safe and not worry about being in crowded areas. You want to go sailing? Go for it. You want to learn how to fish and and eat your catches by the river? Why not. You want to sit in nature and relax with a good book? Now is the time. There are so many things you can do traveling by RV it would be pointless to list. Get those Internet fingers ready and carve out an ultimate RV trip this summer with your family or close friends and make new memories this year that will last a lifetime.

As you decide on the perfect summer social distancing vacation for you, your family, or close friends, one thing you can do no matter what is ship your luggage, golf clubs, and anything else you don’t want to worry about ahead of time. That can be to a golf course, campsite, hotel, or a FedEx or UPS store. This is the summer of different travel experiences, embrace it and have a blast!