Million Mile Secrets: Is It Safe To Fly Again Amid Covid-19?

Million Mile Secrets wrote a comprehensive article that answers numerous questions on the minds of millions of travelers on whether it is safe to fly again amid Covid-19. They dive in and answer common questions from “what are the airports like?” to important safety questions like “do I have to wear a mask?”.

They also have a full interactive chart of the US to let you know the state-by-state Covid restrictions and links to CDC resource pages for specific topics. They detail out a great section on what it’s like going through TSA for those concerned about the security process right now.

Overall, this is a well done article for those who have not set foot in an airport since March and are curious what has changed. Quite a lot you’ll find out from reading this article.

What we didn’t expect was to find LugLess listed under the section of “How can I help prevent the spread of COVID after I land?”

Excerpt: Leave the airport while touching as little as possible. It’s the little things that can help.

You can use a service like LugLess to ship your luggage to your destination before you even arrive at the airport. This will keep you from hanging out at baggage claim with everyone else, not to mention dragging your belongings all through the airport, touching overhead compartments.

After reading this article (check it out, here) you may not have all your own questions fully answered, as it will be different for each person on whether it is safe for them to fly again. But, at least, you will have more current information to consider as you decide when the right time may be for you and your family to fly again and head out on a vacation this year.