Johnny Jet: Lugless Makes Shipping Your Luggage Easier Than Ever

Johnny Jet, as the name would imply, knows a thing or two about air travel. Not surprisingly, he’s a carry-on-only kind of guy. But, we get the sense that LugLess might be his cup of tea!

I love how easy Lugless makes pricing out and shipping a bag. If you have deep pockets and/or expense reports, it’s definitely worth it. It might even be worth it if you don’t have those things, because once you factor in the airline’s baggage fees (most U.S. carriers charge $25 for the first bag and $35 for a second; Southwest is the only one to offer two free checked bags), shipping your bags with a reliable carrier might actually save you money (and it might allow you to take public transportation once you touch down).

Anyway, head on over to Johnny Jet and read the article for yourself.