3 Outdoor Socially Distanced Winter Vacation Ideas

By now, whenever you leave the house, you probably have the whole safety protocol process down pat. Most likely, you’ve also tested it out since March for a visit with family and friends.

Now that winter and the holidays are rapidly approaching you may be toying with vacation ideas to build some new memories, while still remaining safe and socially distanced. We hear you on that sentiment and put together 3 safe and fun winter vacation ideas to consider this season.

  • Hit the slopes

    There’s probably no better feeling than arriving at the mountain and looking up at trails and trails of freshly packed snow. And this year it’s going to be even sweeter to count how many people you see on each trail with your own two hands. Most ski resorts will be limiting the number of passes and tickets they give out to limit crowding on the mountain. So, make sure to purchase your tickets/passes in advance just in case the mountain is at capacity on the day you arrive to hit the slopes.

    There will most likely be a few other changes to dining, accommodations, ski lifts, and ski rental options as well, so it’s best to check each ski resort you’re looking to stay and ski at ahead of time.

    If you’re not quite sure where you want to go just yet, check out some of the top US ski resorts on the west coast for a little inspiration. If east coast skiing is more your thing, here’s a few of the best spots to consider for a fun, ski filled weekend getaway.

  • Hit the links

    If being outside in the cold is not your idea of a fun winter vacation idea then consider a golf weekend. Even if you are not a golfer, going to a golf resort or destination in states like Arizona will provide you and your family or friends with countless other outdoor activities that will help keep you socially distanced and enjoying outdoor time. Hiking, biking, or even going hot air ballooning over the Sonoran Desert sound like a fun time to us for a safe and fun trip this winter.

    A typical round of golf takes about 3 to 4 hours, depending on how many mulligans you allow yourself. So, if golfing solo, with an early tee-time, there is still plenty of time and sunshine left in the day to pack in as many outdoor socially distanced activities to enjoy as a group. It’s a win-win winter vacation idea for avid golfers that need to justify a reason to get back out on the links this year without having it shot down when vacation brainstorming with family or friends.

  • Hit the campground

    If you are looking for a reason to build a campfire this winter without a winter coat on, then you might want to explore the Sunshine State. Florida has so many options where you can be safe and enjoy some outdoor activities. It’s best to check the Visit Florida website for campground and RV parks to select the one that best suits your vacation safety goals.

    If you are looking for the ultimate camping experience, consider renting an RV and taking a nice long trip this winter that will be jam packed with random outdoor activities you research along the way as you set your GPS to your final campground.

    Pack plenty of layers of clothes, as you’ll probably start out rocking a winter coat but end up donning flip flops as you sit in the sand by the ocean.

No matter if you shred, “fore”, or S’mores your winter vacation this year, it’s important to plan ahead and think through all your social activities ahead of time. As things can change pretty fast out of your controlled home environment.

One thing that may come in handy if you are flying or driving this winter to your vacation is shipping your luggage, skis, or golf clubs ahead of time. LugLess is a simple and useful safety tool that helps you to reduce time spent lugging and worrying about your luggage as you try to remain socially distantanced on route to your final destination.