BostInno: How travel startup LugLess has positioned itself as ‘safety first’ during coronavirus

When the pandemic began back in March, the travel industry was one of the first to be hit hard. It’s no surprise, that our company, LugLess, was not immune to this virus. We hunkered down like most in the travel space.

In this featured LugLess article, BostInno, a popular Boston based publication, discusses LugLess’ growth before the pandemic, how we were impacted by coronavirus, what we changed about our business as a result, and where we see the future of travel going once the virus eventually lifts.

One of the main takeaways from the article is how LugLess has expanded its value proposition to include travel safety as a main driver for our continued growth and relevancy as a business.

“We just knew that people were going to be hesitant to fly, and if people weren’t flying, they’re probably not shipping their luggage,” Kirley said. “Instead of saying, ‘Cheaper than checking’ we maybe said, ‘A safer way through the airport,’ or something like that, and we really just focused on safety in a lot of our messaging… We didn’t really have to change anything about how the business was set up to do that, we just had to sort of position it differently for people.”

Excerpt from BostInno’s LugLess article

To read the full article and learn more about LugLess and how our low cost luggage shipping service has been impacted by coronavirus and what we changed to combat it, click here.