3 Smart Tips for Packing For a Holiday Trip to the West Coast

packing for a holiday trip to the West Coast

Deciding to take a holiday trip is an easy win: visiting family, using up remaining PTO, or simply celebrating the holidays out of town. Packing, on the other hand, can be a bit more complicated. Especially if you’re packing for a holiday trip to the West Coast! You’ll have to do more than just pack your gifts (no!) and your favorite Ugly Christmas Sweater (yes!).

Ready to start filling your suitcase? Here are our favorite packing tips for your holiday trip to the West Coast.

  • Prepare for the weather

    “The West Coast” covers a lot of land—and a lot of climates.

    So before you start packing, make sure you know what you’re facing!

    Chances are, your days will fall somewhere in between, with brisk mornings, warm days, and a cool early nightfall.

    The simple solution? Layers!

    Trade thick sweaters for light, basic layers that are easy to put on or take off throughout the day. You’ll feel comfortable regardless of what the temperature does.

    Here are some of our suggestions for handling all sorts of weather on your trip.

    – Start with a warm inner layer close to your body, such as a snug long-sleeved tee or thermals.
    – Add jeans or joggers on the bottom, and a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt on top
    – Throw on a jacket or hoodie for warmth.
    – Bring a heavier coat or wrap for the evening.

    And bring a daypack or backpack! As the weather warms up, you can always shed your outer layers.

    Pro Tip: Your Christmas vacay can be surprisingly warm, especially if you’re spending time further south! When you’re packing for a holiday trip to the West Coast, be sure to include shorts and at least a couple of short-sleeved tee shirts.

  • Let comfort rule

    Leave the power suits and all-black, all-the-time, streetwear at home… The West Coast is made for comfy clothes.

    We’re big fans of athleisure, which is almost as comfortable as your favorite pj’s, but can be dressed up with the right accessories. Your favorite joggers and hoodie are all you need for daytime.

    Knits are another great choice: super easy to pack, perfect for mixing and matching in a travel wardrobe, and easy to de-wrinkle with a hot shower or travel steamer.

    But of course, every rule (or tip) has its exceptions. And in this case, it’s L.A.! More specifically, nighttime in L.A.

    If your West Coast holiday trip includes time in the City of Angels, be prepared to glam it up—especially on New Year’s Eve!

    Sequins, faux fur, and glitz reign supreme in the land of celebrities. Show off your fanciest party clothes as you say good-bye to one year and hello to the next.

  • Be ready for outdoor fun

    Ever heard the saying, “West Coast, Best Coast”?

    Whether or not you agree, one thing is unquestionable: the West Coast knows how to have fun. And not just any fun. We’re talking outdoor activities and adventures to the max.

    Depending on where you go (and the weather forecast), you’ll be able to hike, mountain bike, fly fish, and even go whale watching.

    What does that mean when you’re packing for a holiday trip to the West Coast? It means to make sure you bring your gear and be prepared to spend some time outdoors!

    Along with any sports-specific items, here are some things to add to your suitcase.

    – Athletic apparel: sneakers, compression tights or leggings, moisture-wicking shirts, fast-drying socks, a waterproof windbreaker, bike shorts… you get the idea!
    – Safety gear: If you’re biking, bring your helmet and gloves.
    – Outdoor items: sunglasses, windbreaker, sunscreen, and bug spray will make your outdoor time more enjoyable.

    And don’t forget your walking shoes! The West Coast is known for its paths, trails, and hikes. You’ll want broken-in shoes or boots that feel like walking on clouds, plus cushy socks, so you can enjoy your time exploring the outdoors.

Ready to start packing for a holiday trip to the West Coast? With our tips, you’ll be sure to have everything you need right in your suitcase!

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