7 Secret Strategies for Holiday Savings

holiday savings

Because even Santa’s on a budget

Fasten your sleigh-belt, because the holidays are approaching fast! And no one knows that better than your dwindling bank account. From your secret cookie ingredients to gifts for the extended fam, the very idea of holiday savings might seem like a Christmas miracle.

But wait! Before you reach for your credit card again, check out these seasonal savings solutions that’ll leave your wallet jingling with joy.

  • Set a holiday budget

    A lot of people set (and keep) a pretty doable gift budget.

    But then the other expenses hit: ingredients for your family’s favorite cookies, a new Ugly Christmas Sweater… and it all adds up.

    This year, stay within your budget by creating an overall spending plan, including any parties you host, events you’ll attend, and other spending. You know, all that stuff that costs money but isn’t shopping for gifts!

    You’ll avoid that creeping overspend and make your wallet happy.

  • Shop with a list

    Speaking of shopping, don’t go out without your list!

    Shops—online or in person—are stocked with tempting Christmas gifts and seasonal goodies. A list of who you have left to shop for can help you avoid those impulse purchases.

    Plus, knowing how much you’ve spent, how many presents you have left to buy, and how much money you have left in your holiday budget keeps you from overspending.

    Holiday Pro Tip: When you’re done shopping, ship your gifts to your family and friends for even more holiday savings!

  • Plan your travels

    Headed out of town? A Christmas vacation or going “home for the holidays” can be your biggest expense of the year. Flights, hotels, and rental cars add up quickly!

    But it truly is possible to save money on holiday travel.

    The sooner you start planning, the better the deals you’ll get. But surprisingly, there are a lot of last-minute deals out there, too. Shop around to find the times, dates, and locations that suit you… and your wallet.

  • Host wisely

    The holidays are all about togetherness. And one of the best ways to do that is by inviting your favorite people over to eat, drink, and be merry.

    But you guys, you don’t have to be “the host with the most” to throw a Christmas party.

    You can jingle and mingle within your budget, with these holiday savings ideas:

    – Limit the number of apps and side dishes.
    – Host a dessert party instead of a full meal.
    – Make dinner a potluck and enjoy the variety of tasty dishes.
    – Offer a signature cocktail instead of fully stocking your bar.

  • Use your rewards

    Credit cards, frequent flyers, your favorite stores…

    Turn your rewards, points, and miles into holiday savings on everything from travel to merchandise. Even if you can’t turn your points or miles into dollars, you might score some pretty steep discounts.

    Make sure you check for affiliate savings, too. If you’re staying with relatives, for example, you might be able to convert hotel points into airline miles.

  • Schedule free fun

    Free events are the perfect way to enjoy the holiday spirit.

    Even something as simple (and inexpensive!) as grabbing a to-go cup of hot cocoa and driving around to see the holiday lights is festive and delicious.

    Also, be sure to follow your city’s official social media accounts. You’ll find local holiday events such as tree-lighting ceremonies, Christmas markets, and more.

    Holiday Pro Tip #2: If you’re traveling, check out free events wherever you’re spending the holidays.

  • Ship your luggage

    If you’re traveling, one of the simplest strategies for saving money over the holidays is to ship your stuff to your final destination with LugLess.

    For less than the cost of the average checked bag, you can skip the line at baggage claim and stroll through the airport, hands-free.

    Not even Santa has it that easy!

Get through the holidays without breaking into your piggy bank with these holiday savings strategies. And you’ll be able to allocate those funds where they belong: your New Year’s Resolution to travel more!